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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Kensaki

      Excited to start "another new journey" with my friends at Caballa Island today!
      · 0 replies
    • Cherry

      does anyone use this? if u read this ur a bean
      · 0 replies
    • abluecorridor

      Hey folks! I'm abluecorridor / Zola. I used to play trickster a lot back in the day and was super excited to find it back up on LifeTo. Hoping to make some new friends here >:3
      check out my art !
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    • It's been almost 10 years since the last time I played Trickster Online!   I'm very happy that I can play this game again! All the more that the server is midrate, I can easily level up and play again where I left off when I was still playing back then. I remembered I wasn't able to reach around 200+ in level. I hope I can reach the max level and be able to explore the game more and help newbies around if there are. BTW, I'm from the Philippines.
      See you around guys!
    • Ah, it feels good to set foot in this old game. I didn't think I'd ever see it again. TO was my Everquest, so to see it being continued brings a wee bit'a joy. My name then as it is now is Hunter124Gamma.

      I'm also trying to make a record of the game's story/lore (I'm that kind of person, lol). Not quite an analysis, but I think it's easy to pass by quite a bit of it while you're playing it.Those mobs, am I right? I was keeping notes of what was going on in the background; once I hit Alteo, I was stuck--and then the shutdown happened!
      I have two questions, though I'm not sure if it's better directed elsewhere: Where what would be the best place to discuss the story? Is there any red tape that would prevent people from promoting this at conventions or other similar events since this is just a private server?
    • Well, that's my main's name from both eTO and rTO and I'm back for round 3! xD

      Coming in from rTO because well I haven't played in a while and so far extremely difficult to level in there but hey, mmos are meant to be challenging but I figured I'd get a fresh start in some place new since my old guild that I have been apart of kinda vanished into the ether. And no I wasn't the guild leader, just a member. lol But I just... can't let this game go, Trickster was my very first mmo that I found and liked and got sad when it all shut down. The story was intriguing to me so I was sad that I couldn't finish it to see the rest. And I moved to rTO to see if I could finish at least, but again the luster kinda winked out when it became increasingly difficult to progress without shelling cash for myshop stuff. And I'm for one that's on a budget so I can't exactly throw money at a game to you know be able to make progress. So I decided to just stop for a few years, you know take a break and got that itch to play again. So now I arrive here to see what's going on. ^ w^
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