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  2. FoxMarques

    4G Equips

    Guys, I have two doubts. Are these the best items in the game? and which of these is good for fox?
  3. mossy

    sturdy scales

    hey just wondering what the drop rate is for sturdy scale from fish guardian tink? i've been killing them for over an hour and still haven't received any cheers
  4. Earlier
  5. Hey Everyone, I wanted to make a suggestion of releasing a spicy dragon pvp map. It is very hard to obtain spicy dragon equips, no one sells them, and no one sells GM Certificates. I was wondering if it was possible to release the spicy dragon map to make it easier to hunt him. Thank you!!
  6. Bunneh

    Star Gazer Stella Quest

    Hi, I kinda have a stupid question... I wanted to do the Star Gazer Stella quest in desert field 2. I have talked to her, but it doesn't give me a quest. I've read online that we're suppose to complete Don Giuvanni quest in desert field 2. I talked to Don Giuvanni and he also doesn't give me any quest. So now I'm kinda stuck and don't know what to do. Whenever I visit other Star Gazer Stella, she would tell me to go to desert field 2 to complete the quest when I doesn't give me a quest. Some tips would be much appreciated Thanks ~
  7. xenovass


    Soul Master Thunder/Fire (Skill TM DISTRIBUTION) ? or some recomendation, im alone player.
  8. So, i downloaded the mirror 2(1,25gb) and i already did the Wdefender and check files things. The game didnt launch, when i click game start the launcher just close.
  9. So I don't know if this has happened to anyone but, while doing the secret came I got both a secret card 3 and 5. When I finished and checked my inventory and they were gone. Obviously, it is really hard finding these cards as it is already, does anyone know a way I can get them back?
  10. anime2509

    Card Hunter Eugene

    Can anyone please tell me where to find Card Hunter Eugene in the game?
  11. zombe

    Inventory/Expired item bug

    Everything working just fine now. Thanks
  12. For some reason i can't equip any kind of accessory on my lion and buffalo it works on racoon I also bought speed charm and i wasn't able to equip it either so i moved it to my buffalo and tried to equip it there but for some reason it was already expired I can't recharge it on the site either
  13. I have been tried to log on to the game around 10 am, now it's after 4 pm and it's still not working. No error message shows up at all... Tried to check filelist and still the same issue. Also the Daily Rewards aren't loading up on beta either nor the item manager. I was able to go on everything normally for a while until now.. Please help
  14. We're probably going to retire the forum soon.

  15. Lazuli

    Join us on Discord!

    i had the same problem, but the link on the main website is still working
  16. July

    Join us on Discord!

    Hi! Can you redo the link? I can't join bc its saying that the link isnt valid
  17. Lazuli

    Level Up Gift Box not received

    but there is one on the website
  18. WhiteFang

    Level Up Gift Box not received

    is this forum still alive ? LOL
  19. I am currently on level 125. @ level 100 i received one gift box and haven't received any since. I assume i was supposed to receive gift box(es) between lvl100 -- lvl125? Can anyone clarify/ help me with this issue please? Thank you! PS: A list that shows the gift boxes received at each level milestone would be very helpful :D
  20. Endrance


    It's been almost 10 years since the last time I played Trickster Online! I'm very happy that I can play this game again! All the more that the server is midrate, I can easily level up and play again where I left off when I was still playing back then. I remembered I wasn't able to reach around 200+ in level. I hope I can reach the max level and be able to explore the game more and help newbies around if there are. BTW, I'm from the Philippines. See you around guys!
  21. kokakure


    Ah, it feels good to set foot in this old game. I didn't think I'd ever see it again. TO was my Everquest, so to see it being continued brings a wee bit'a joy. My name then as it is now is Hunter124Gamma. I'm also trying to make a record of the game's story/lore (I'm that kind of person, lol). Not quite an analysis, but I think it's easy to pass by quite a bit of it while you're playing it.Those mobs, am I right? I was keeping notes of what was going on in the background; once I hit Alteo, I was stuck--and then the shutdown happened! I have two questions, though I'm not sure if it's better directed elsewhere: Where what would be the best place to discuss the story? Is there any red tape that would prevent people from promoting this at conventions or other similar events since this is just a private server?
  22. xenovass


    I don't know what to do... @[email protected]
  23. Well, that's my main's name from both eTO and rTO and I'm back for round 3! xD Coming in from rTO because well I haven't played in a while and so far extremely difficult to level in there but hey, mmos are meant to be challenging but I figured I'd get a fresh start in some place new since my old guild that I have been apart of kinda vanished into the ether. And no I wasn't the guild leader, just a member. lol But I just... can't let this game go, Trickster was my very first mmo that I found and liked and got sad when it all shut down. The story was intriguing to me so I was sad that I couldn't finish it to see the rest. And I moved to rTO to see if I could finish at least, but again the luster kinda winked out when it became increasingly difficult to progress without shelling cash for myshop stuff. And I'm for one that's on a budget so I can't exactly throw money at a game to you know be able to make progress. So I decided to just stop for a few years, you know take a break and got that itch to play again. So now I arrive here to see what's going on. ^ w^
  24. Raymonf

    Join us on Discord!

    Hello Tricksters, We're still alive and kicking, albeit kicking a little slower. You know, like an old man. The server still gets occasional updates, but we don't announce them on the forum. The forum is becoming pretty unstable for no apparent reason, so we rarely use it. If you're still interested in the server, check out our Discord server! Here's a permanent invite: https://discord.gg/zzpqGkj Thanks!
  25. xenovass

    Light Witch Guide. [Support Oriented]

    Cool, thank you! But... Can you explain with details? Like: I beeeeg you! <3
  26. maqpet2

    Episode 2 quest

    alguém me ajuda já to faz 3 dias tentando pegar o item Bloody Rune of Fate acabei com 6 drill de 500 e nada do item, ele se consegue assim ou é de outra maneira?
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