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  2. starmud

    missing item from myshop set

    thank you so much was a nice surprise seeing the items in my inventory randomly
  3. momokoto

    [Mint] @Tapasco

  4. momokoto

    missing item from myshop set

    The set has been fixed!
  5. momokoto

    Splish Splash yupika t4

    @Raymonf would be the one to ask. Sorry I can't do much on my end.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Pikababii

    MS box's

    would it be possible in the future, to have a event where it could possibly aim directly for higher lvl MA players and AP players example : lvl 250 + and to be fair, add in DA , AC myshop boxes :) so that way everyone will be happy ?
  8. Gunna

    Splish Splash yupika t4

    @momokoto can you fix this or can raymon lol
  9. Gunna

    missing item from myshop set

  10. I picked up one of the newer fashion sets added (3rd job sheep set 3), i received everything in the package but the shoes. I did receive an extra ribbon though in its place. outside of reporting the bug, would there be a way to swap the duplicate for the missing item?
  11. Last week
  12. What ever yall did to fix the image of the stats showing up cause her stats to be changed. where as her stats are the following
  13. momokoto

    Myshop [2019-03-19]

    Hope you guys enjoy the new box rotation! Happy belated St. Patrick's Day and Easter! Shamrock Box Lucky Peridot Box Wee Cora Box Bopeep's Gift Box Easter Basket *requested re-release Easter Bunny Pet Box Thank you for your continued support!
  14. Gunna

    Game Doesn't Actually Install?

    Hello, I may not be able to help with the technical aspects of your problem, but if you join our discord server there are more people active there willing to help you with this problem! Sorry for the delayed response.
  15. Hello! I'm excited to play again. I've been playing since I was about 10 years old. I want to get my sis to play again too but she wont play unless I find a simple way to make he game work. Now I know it's not simple. I'm on Windows 10. I thought I installed the game but it doesn't show up in the Control Panel like the other large games that I install. the launcher comes up and updates it all but then when I hit start game, nothing happens. I've noticed that the game is nowhere to be found in program files or program files (x86). I started off extracting the game to (D:) but the game didn't launch. I deleted everything and started over about 4 times putting the extractions in (C:) and trying program files but those didn't work. I've also excluded it in all of my antivirus and let it through the firewall. I also changed the compatibility settings and none of them work. I've looked through so many questions in this forum to find the answer but none seems to be helping. I've also installed the Leatrix Latency. I'm thinking this game did not install at all and there's something I'm missing. Is there something I need in order to actually install the game? Is it my graphics? I'll be checking this often because I don't want to miss anything and be written off as solved if its not solved. Thanks!
  16. Hello Tricksters! Earlier today, we'd discovered a bug in the Daily Reward system, which causes Bonus Eggs to be distributed incorrectly (if you roll 20x eggs, you'll only get 2). This has now been fixed. If you are interested in receiving compensation for any lost eggs, please send me a private message here on the forum, or on our Discord server. Thank you!
  17. ginik2

    update the NPC explore Reina

    Hello wanted to ask the Admin, to update the amount of items from the NPC Explore Reina in core bloom I know the sky is very busy, but in the players we are doing our part, we have between 40 and 70 players a day, but even if we do not aim, we continue to play. We do not just want boxes in the store! we want events, you can improve the queen of holding NPC decreasing the quantity of item,or exchanging for drop items, please give me an answer on this subject I'll leave a link to a topic I've made about this subject thank you
  18. Olympic Flag, Mask, and Cape boxes
  19. saif786

    No Mail for reaching Level 120

    Ah so it's for level 130? didn't know that. Thanks for the info.
  20. Breno

    No Mail for reaching Level 120

    There is no reward for level 120.
  21. Earlier
  22. Hi, So I've reached level 120 and received a notification for mail, but when I checked my mail there's no system mail. I've relogged in and out as suggested here but no luck. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  23. Trickster has a pretty low quest log limit. I believe it's something like 5 or 6 quests. If you're getting "Conversation with NPC cancelled" it's likely you have hit this limit and need to complete or drop your other quests in your quest log before you can pick up other ones.
  24. Hi, I encountered an issue where when I go to try and accept the quest from Vegabond Eloy in Beach Town - Paradise, a message pops up saying "Conversation with NPC cancelled". This happens as soon as I click "Sure I'll be back". Hope to receive a response soon re this as I sadly cannot do the quest. Update: This also happens when I try to accept Miranda Watty's request and Skipper Min's request at Beach Town - Paradise. I was thinking that the reason could be because I have yet to complete other quests in Beach Town - Paradise prior to doing theirs but I could be wrong.
  25. Diary No. 343 Swole last post i think...if history repeats itself i will get 3 queen odinea pets
  26. StanMarshDarsh

    Daily Diary Event (February)

    Diary No. 342 Neodragonv1 get one in before i d/c again
  27. momokoto

    Daily Diary Event (February)

    Dear Diary No. 341 IGN Keeko Uhm, on second thought, is this considered pet trafficking?! @Chelle @Yohhsteve
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