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  2. Lazuli

    Level Up Gift Box not received

    but there is one on the website
  3. WhiteFang

    Level Up Gift Box not received

    is this forum still alive ? LOL
  4. I am currently on level 125. @ level 100 i received one gift box and haven't received any since. I assume i was supposed to receive gift box(es) between lvl100 -- lvl125? Can anyone clarify/ help me with this issue please? Thank you! PS: A list that shows the gift boxes received at each level milestone would be very helpful :D
  5. Endrance


    It's been almost 10 years since the last time I played Trickster Online! I'm very happy that I can play this game again! All the more that the server is midrate, I can easily level up and play again where I left off when I was still playing back then. I remembered I wasn't able to reach around 200+ in level. I hope I can reach the max level and be able to explore the game more and help newbies around if there are. BTW, I'm from the Philippines. See you around guys!
  6. kokakure


    Ah, it feels good to set foot in this old game. I didn't think I'd ever see it again. TO was my Everquest, so to see it being continued brings a wee bit'a joy. My name then as it is now is Hunter124Gamma. I'm also trying to make a record of the game's story/lore (I'm that kind of person, lol). Not quite an analysis, but I think it's easy to pass by quite a bit of it while you're playing it.Those mobs, am I right? I was keeping notes of what was going on in the background; once I hit Alteo, I was stuck--and then the shutdown happened! I have two questions, though I'm not sure if it's better directed elsewhere: Where what would be the best place to discuss the story? Is there any red tape that would prevent people from promoting this at conventions or other similar events since this is just a private server?
  7. xenovass


    I don't know what to do... @[email protected]
  8. Well, that's my main's name from both eTO and rTO and I'm back for round 3! xD Coming in from rTO because well I haven't played in a while and so far extremely difficult to level in there but hey, mmos are meant to be challenging but I figured I'd get a fresh start in some place new since my old guild that I have been apart of kinda vanished into the ether. And no I wasn't the guild leader, just a member. lol But I just... can't let this game go, Trickster was my very first mmo that I found and liked and got sad when it all shut down. The story was intriguing to me so I was sad that I couldn't finish it to see the rest. And I moved to rTO to see if I could finish at least, but again the luster kinda winked out when it became increasingly difficult to progress without shelling cash for myshop stuff. And I'm for one that's on a budget so I can't exactly throw money at a game to you know be able to make progress. So I decided to just stop for a few years, you know take a break and got that itch to play again. So now I arrive here to see what's going on. ^ w^
  9. Raymonf

    Join us on Discord!

    Hello Tricksters, We're still alive and kicking, albeit kicking a little slower. You know, like an old man. The server still gets occasional updates, but we don't announce them on the forum. The forum is becoming pretty unstable for no apparent reason, so we rarely use it. If you're still interested in the server, check out our Discord server! Here's a permanent invite: https://discordapp.com/invite/48YveF Thanks!
  10. xenovass

    Light Witch Guide. [Support Oriented]

    Cool, thank you! But... Can you explain with details? Like: I beeeeg you! <3
  11. maqpet2

    Episode 2 quest

    alguém me ajuda já to faz 3 dias tentando pegar o item Bloody Rune of Fate acabei com 6 drill de 500 e nada do item, ele se consegue assim ou é de outra maneira?
  12. Gogeta0011

    Cant open the client

    So Ive been trying to log in for the past few days now but every time I click it the startup screen shows up while all of the buttons are still gray, and before the "Game Start" button turns blue the client just closes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to the best of my ability but even tho I have the game downloaded and installed I cant seem to find the file to uninstall in the windows control panel even when i click a properties tag that's supposed to take me directly to it.
  13. Hi! Currently I only have a Mac and I have been trying to get LTO to work- I was able to with PTO but I'd prefer to play on this server. I've read around the forums and I've gathered that Myshop won't work on Mac, which is why there is no Mac installer (though I'm not sure if that's the case still). I don't mind if I can't use Myshop, though. I was wondering if there is any way to play it on Mac then, using Wine or PlayOnMac, or anything. I tried VirtualBox but it was too slow. Thanks for your time! (Sorry if this is in the wrong section)
  14. Kensaki

    [HELP] New player - Game crash

    Problem solved unnistalling and re-installing the game.
  15. Excited to start "another new journey" with my friends at Caballa Island today!

  16. Kensaki

    [HELP] New player - Game crash

    Hello tricksters, I'm with the error below. The launcher stops working before checkfiles. Can anyone help me? I really wanna play this game! Thank you!
  17. Hi! Usually, I received the gift box but there was a glitch before I was receiving level 50 gift box. Can you please check it for me?
  18. Ifron

    Soul Master VS Witch

    Hi guys! I'd like to keep this short so I'll just jump right into it. :D I've made a 1441 Water/Elec Sheep. I've had no problems with it - the balance is quite nice with Water's single-target and Electric's AoE skills. I've always pegged this Sheep to be a Light Witch, but I realized that with Staff of Thunder, I might have a better time with farming and bossing (not to mention going Soul Master will give me two debuffs in the form of Undine's Garden and Shard). That being said, I was then sold on going Soul Master before I realized that I'm gonna have to pump some serious HP and DP given that I chose to go for 1441 instead of 1432 (I can't deal with 1423 because of the low WT and LK). So I've come to consult y'all: which do you think would be better for my case - a Soul Master or a Light Witch? I'm going to use my Sheep mostly for farming and bossing. Thanks to all who will put in their two cents!
  19. oldrustylol

    kitty 190 earring

    Yes, I am fully aware of that sprint, which is the one i currently have. But I am talking about the Kitty Earring 190 to complete the Kitty Krew 190 Set. http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Kitty_Earring_190.html
  20. Raymonf

    kitty 190 earring

    https://lifeto.co/server-information/ You get a sprint when you hit lv140. We don't have that specific NPC, unfortunately.
  21. KennyEternex

    Caballa Island Compound Event

    Name: TonyStark Condition: The Odd One
  22. KennyEternex

    Caballa Island Compound Event

    Name: TonyStark Condition: Roaring 20's
  23. oldrustylol

    kitty 190 earring

    Hello, i just had a quick question regarding the kitty earring 190, i have collected every single item for the set and now im confused because i am trying to get the earring but no luck. i looked into the wiki but it is asking for a specific ingame NPC but i cant seem to find it. So my question is if the kitty earring 190 is obtained from a box or from the NPC? thanks in advance!
  24. princebagels

    Caballa Island Compound Event

    Name: Merino Compound Condition: The Odd One Screenshot:
  25. princebagels

    Caballa Island Compound Event

    Name: Merino Compound Condition: Even Steven Screenshot:
  26. princebagels

    Caballa Island Compound Event

    Name: Merino Compound Condition: Roaring 20's Screenshot:
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