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    Hello, Tricksters! There has been a large influx of newer players to the server (yay, welcome)! I have seen a lot of requests for previous boxes that were released, to be re-released so that people can obtain the best gear or become the cutest Trickster on the server. This is now your chance to put in your votes for what boxes you guys would like to see make a come-back! It can be anything that was released previously, this does not count for boxes that have not made an appearance in myshop. You can find previous releases in the forums --> official discussions --> myshop polls. Please comment below a box you would like to see if the box hasn't been suggested yet. Please only suggest one box per forum post comment. If you see a box that you want that has already been suggested please leave a "thumbs up" on the comment, any other reaction will not be counted towards the vote. There is no current date for these boxes to be released, or if all of them will make a come-back. This is just a poll to see which boxes are in the highest demand and we will try to find a place to work them in on our myshop updates! Thanks everyone, have a good day ~
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    Diary No. 109 Artoria First entry for my bun this month
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    Diary No.: #96IGN: Cheo very happy with exam results so far HEHE
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    Diary No.: #85 IGN: Kumomo Taking a break from the snow
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    Diary No. 55 GoldenShot No drilling income > on to glooming income ~
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    Diary No. 17 IGN: FoxStormD Got my guardian *_*
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    Diary No.: #250IGN: MikeyMikey's birthday today!!! too bad he can't see this HEHE
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    Diary No.: #214 IGN: Aimo Love seeing all the shops up today!
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    not getting farewell letters was driving me crazy, thank you
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    Diary No. 102 FangTheBunny 1016 kills later...it's finally over
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    Diary No. 100 Aerithz I bought a Wee Cora and an Enchanting Flashire today.
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    Diary No. 97 YohhSteve Another day of filling for pqs~
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    Diary No. 91 Aerithz Slaying some birds and getting paid for it.
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    Dear Diary No. 88 IGN BobaTea OMG I totally get you @Chelle my brain is fried too
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    Dear Diary No. 29 IGN Momokoto I bought it.
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    Diary No. 9 FangTheDragon Gimme my Ice Heart Sword next hoe
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    Diary No.: #7IGN: Chelletime to dump inventory
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    IGN Momokoto Bracket 301-400 Job Champion (Power)
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    Diary No. 249 GoldenShot Last entry??
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    Diary No. 213 Cetus it is so dazzling.
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    Welcome to the server @Noctvi!!
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    Welcome! Highly encourage you to join the LifeTO discord channel where you can ask any questions and get help
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    Diary No.: #197IGN: Mikeygotta make monies
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    Hello Tricksters!´╗┐ For this particular O/X Event, we will be distributing "Double Rewards" (e.g. 4x GM Gift Certificates instead of the usual 2x & two different sets of boxes rather than one) as a huge thank you for everyone's continued support of the server (and because Raymonf didn't see our prizes from the last thread)! Join us on our special 15th O/X Quiz on January 26, 2019 at 10:30 p.m. (EDT)! Interested players may proceed to Event Garden - Ceremonia to get a chance to participate in the quiz. 75 pcs. of O/X Quiz Tickets will be distributed randomly to the players in the area shown in the photo below: NON-NEGOTIABLE RULES: 1. PLEASE TAKE YOUR PETS OFF WHILE WAITING IN EVENT GARDEN OR WHEN INSIDE THE O/X QUIZ MAP. REMINDERS AND WARNINGS WILL BE MADE IN-GAME. THE GMs WILL MOVE YOUR CHARACTER TO MEGALOPOLIS IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE RULE. TROLLS WHO PERSIST TO BREAK THE RULE REPEATEDLY AFTER SEVERAL ´╗┐WARNINGS AND CHARACTER TRANSFER WILL BE TEMPORARILY IP BANNED FOR 4 HOURS. 2. 1 CHARACTER PER USER. ANYONE FOLLOWING (RIGHT CLICK > FOLLOW PLAYER) A PLAYER WILL BE ASSUMED AS AN ALT OR A MULE AND WILL BE KICKED FROM THE O/X QUIZ MAP WITHOUT ANY WARNING. Freebies and Prizes Distribution Legend: (F) Freebie & (P) Prize @ Event Garden - Ceremonia - Between 10:30 p.m. to 10:40 p.m. | 1 item per player (random) (F) 75x O/X Ticket
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    I would love to write about guardians, I could just copy and paste my 100+ texts to @JazzyMicah about legendary guardians and I'd be done! Discord @China Sorrows#1420
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