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    diary no. 6 IGN: kiko happy to finally whip out this old drawing lol k-i-s-s!
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    Diary No. 8 IGN : Origin Met up for katsudon.
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    Diary No. 9 IGN: HueyTheSheep Worked at Royal Victoria Museum; Queen Mary University used our VR headsets to talk about turtle preservation.
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    Diary No. 5 IGN: Butters watching the game
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    Diary No. 77 IGN: Lofi Chillin by best boi
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    Diary No. 55 IGN: BobaTea Say hello to my daughter.
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    Diary No.: #52 IGN: Askeladden But your love ain't free no more But your love ain't free no more She's working at the pyramid tonight Working at the pyramid Working at the pyramid tonight
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    Diary No. 40 IGN: Tulip Let's have a cup of tea here
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    Diary No.: #36 IGN: TachibanaUkyo Visiting my waifu questing in Rose Garden.
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    Diary No. 29 IGN: Lofi Looking for a penguin pet
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    Diary No. 7 IGN: Lofi waiting for the day til i can get married to my lov K I K O !!
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    We will be randomly picking a number for the rewards listed below on May 25 , 2019. The Diary No. that matches it will get the prize. Each player can post 1 diary per day (posting your daily diary consistently increases your chance of getting high-tier rewards). Very Lucky Tier:1. 2 winners of 25 pcs. Gold Tempering Gemstones2. 3 winners of 3 pcs. Laic Box 280 3. 3 winners of 3 pcs. Elsa Box 160 (Power)Slightly Lucky Tier:1. 15 winners of 1 psc. Driller Girl2. 10 winners of 3 psc. 5 Million Galder Check3. 5 winners of 5 pcs. 1 Million Galder CheckQuite Lucky Tier:1. 10 winners of 10 pcs. GM Gift Certificate2. 5 winners of 10 pcs. Bonus Egg3. 5 winners of 3 pcs. Black/Green Elixir4. 5 winners of 3 pcs. White/Green Elixir 5. 5 winners of 3 pcs. Spicy Dragon Broom How to join? 1. Comment your diary number, starting from 1 and so on. (check the number of the post before you) 2. Write your IGN (Players who do not follow the "IGN: Momokoto" format will NOT be considered for a prize) 3. Tell us what you did in Caballa Island today. 4. Attach a screenshot of your character where date and time is shown. Please strictly follow the format below: Diary No.: #1 IGN: Keeko (Description of your screenshot, tell us what you did today)
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    Diary No. 6 IGN: FangtheDragon Went to eat out at a Greek place. Mushroom Filet Mignon
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    diary no. 89 IGN: kiko dunno who this guy is
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    diary no. 81 IGN: kiko crying because i need blue sauce.........
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    diary no. 59 IGN: kiko hanging out with laic
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    Diary No. 57 IGN: iFOXwithJaZzii looking for a present as I will have to get my own ~
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    Diary No. 39 IGN: iFOXwithJaZzii early Christmas preps ~
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    diary no. 32 IGN: kiko finally here!
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    Diary No. 30 IGN: Mokokoto I'm taking a break.
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    Dear Diary No. 20 IGN: BobaTea I hate my life :^)
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    Diary No. 18 IGN: Lofi did some gambling :^)
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    diary no. 17 IGN: kiko spinel.................. comin fo u babe....
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    Diary No.: #3IGN: Cabuloso I am raising money to repair my equipment.
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    Dear Diary No. 1 IGN: Momokoto Free monies~
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