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    I started playing Trickster around 2008 and i was very sad when it closed down. My best character was a LVL 186 Lion with The Mighty Sephirens as a guardian (can't get that potion sound effect out of my head) I want to help other players if they get stuck or if they don't understand part of the game, for example, Guardians or Compounding/Refining or Bosses. My light magic will shine away the darkness. Very excited for the server's official release. Let me know your greatest Trickster Achievements or what you miss. Kind Regards, Umme the Guide
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    Hello Tricksters! Today, we've fixed two bugs related to authentication. Registration If you've tried to register in the last few days, you may not have been able to due to being unable to select a date. That bug has now been fixed, and you should now be able to select a date by clicking the date field. Password Reset If you need a password reset, the link that is sent to you should now work. In addition to that, the e-mail shouldn't be from example.com anymore. Thank you!
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    I think dragons shouldn't get any skill points when they level up, and instead should be teleported into that one room with don cavalier, yknow the room that hologram port takes you. Also lions should be able to dual wield shields. On a more serious note: Spicy dragon should be made a playable character. Maybe offer a way for solo players to get chaos feathers since.. I never have friends my level ;_; Which also may be important depending on how populated the server will be
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    Pshh, priest, my dark magic will eat you and all your dearest, even your kitten, yes. i said it, your kitten too.
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    i know this so well............. welcome to LifeTO!! ^_^
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    Hello! Glad to see more and more players coming to this server and introducing themselves That's nice of you to want to help newer players. We need more people like that :D also Welcome to LifeTO!!!
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