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    Diary No. 299 Yandere 3 long days of farming cards, card ID & building my guardian. All worth it ♥
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    Diary No. 297 IGN: UberShot Dailies... then spent my hard earned daily coupons on fireworks! Recruited 2 members! Are you watching Sky? Tap questing before I get to Tap Spa questing
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    Diary No. 292 IGN: [Mod]Nessie Finally got to level 400! Did it a weird way, did Relic Site quests in techi fields. It worked Also did harkon and won! YAY ~
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    Diary No. 300 (!!!) IGN: Vienne just chillin, killin' LOL
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    It definitely does help, I appreciate it very much! Thanks again!
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    *you won't struggle with killing the mobs as much in the other two modes, so that's why i've chosen to talk about boss mode @Serushi yeah, a mix of AoE is great, however as for the most effective element -- despite the fact that gorgons are physical resist, they are 45% fire weak in boss mode*. i'd strongly recommend getting fire attribute for harkon. it'll honestly help out so much! you might not be able to OHKO them without it. the only down side is that you'll have to whack the mobs rather than AoE though... as for AoE skills, i'd recommend tempest strike. so, you'll need some wind attribute to do decent damage. yeah, it's a skill based on RNG, but it's at least a very quick AoE and can do a loooot of damage too. earthquake blade is extremely slow but does some hefty damage. in harkon, we need to kill things pretty quickly, especially when it gets super busy, so i'd limit the use of this skill. a sheep could easily use wind blade whilst you're still casting, which could get pretty annoying... so yeah, opt for quicker skills such as this tempest, or alternatively, just melee them. hope this helps! :)
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    Diary no. 288 IGN: [Mod]Maple finally won another round of harkon! gg to all <3
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    Diary No. 302 IGN: Shanny i love spending the money i've farmed all day on items i immediately throw out ! ! !
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    Diary No. 301 (So close to round ) Alucard_ Oh boy, another lazy day doing nothing but selling rocks to a very kind girl! (Also, why does she need so much stones??)
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    Diary No. 298 Determination Hunting for some Cobra Flower Cards for Skill Mastery then it gave me more than what I need.
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    Diary No. 296 IGN: SenseMarcia Mirage Island D:
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    Diary No. 295 IGN: Tsukimori I got out of the freaking water... literally. Time to get to Lv. 190 in Rose Garden so I can FINALLY use my WT pouches. Rose Garden quest items are a pain in the butt and I keep having to go to Megalopolis bank to dump stuff in because my 3124 Raccoon can't hold items
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    IGN: YohhSteve Badge: Racoon
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    IGN:GuirreroBR Clever Lion Badge
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    Diary No. 290 IGN: TwiceDenKatt / TwiceBitten Today I got to lv380 on beefcat, got a shard in harkon AND got a guardian on my edgelord
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    Diary No. 289 IGN: Kattar Finally I could beat SF Akuma.... oh wait, that's another game.... PS: LOL I could take a screenshot from a shuriken (close to my guardian)....
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    IGN: AyakaTomoda Badge:Sheep
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    Diary No.285 Aimo Hello my pretty, welcome to the world. Sorry failed Ifron, you'll be shelved forever~ I think I've bought too many cards in the last week or so (nearly 4k! yeek), and I'm running out of sellers! To the furies.
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    Diary No. 284 ign: Goth I finally met the love of my life, Laic!! Only good bois keep me happy
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    Diary No. 281 IGN: Bunsbuns My new friend :D
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    Diary No. 280 IGN: Knightmare Still in Rose Garden. This is taking me an insane amount of time, combined with the fact that I've been AFK drilling and buying up gear to fund me for level 200-300. Hoping the Lina boxes get released at 200 versions which would help as Im focusing on using Water attribute. Ah well. Hopefully next update I will have had this done lmao, after i'm done drilling ofc, so enjoy a picture of my stats!
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    Diary No. 278 Logan let's spend all our galder for collecting gacha pet
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    Diary No. 275 IGN: [Mod]Nessie On my way to 400 ~
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    Diary No. 160 IGN: Crystal Finally got my baby to level 400 <3 Now to get my other 100 chars 400... y i k e s
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