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    Hello, Tricksters! We are conducting an emergency maintenance in order to fix an issue with timed items. Edit: The maintenance is now over. Today's patch has been reverted. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support.
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    Diary No. 497 IGN: Four Drilling at tap and chatting with guildmates!~
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    Diary No. 496 IGN: Violete Chatting with guildies, working on my egg and still waiting for SC14 to magicaly apear infront of me (person who has SC14 in this server I am talking to you, yes you!! )
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    Diary No. 491 IGN: Parttime Slowly preparing for 2nd job. Can't wait for it. P.S.- Look at that face
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    Thanks for the fast action Ray, I was worried there for a moment lol
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    Aimo's Galder Guide Hello all. I've seen a lot of people asking how to make galder in TO and figured I'd make this to help out. Even though I'm poor most of the time...gacha is evil. These are not listed in any particular order. Disclaimer: Prices may vary as the market fluctuates. 1. Pick up all items while questing. NPC equips and sell quest items to players. 2. Farm quest items to vendor in shops or online market (will likely be slow & only private online sales are available). Most quest items sell for 5k-200k depending on rarity and area. Some items such as Bloody Rune of Fate (~2.5m) or Harkon (~3.5m) can sell for more. If it's an item you found annoying to obtain, it's likely there are players who feel the same way and don't mind shelling out a bit of galder for it. 3. Farm Card Girl Quest Cards or Skill Mastery Cards. These generally sell from ~50k to ~300k (with maybe some of the swamp dungeon ones going higher depending how impatient the buyer is). Refer to Alioran's Skills and Cards Guide for card information. 4. Sell Arcana Cards . These sell for around 150k-400k each. These can be obtained through Card Girl Quests as well as occasionally from Card Girl Stardust/Dusty packs and boss treasure chests. You will need a set of these to obtain the Card ID skill. You will need multiples of these to exchange with Card Hunter Eugene for Card Hunter Crests in order to exchange for a Driller Boy/Girl with Miranda Watty in Megalopolis. Card Hunter Crests can also be sold for around 900k-1.5m though the market for these is probably low. 5. Sell any Monster and Character Cards to players for purpose of Card ID. Generally around 30-40k per card. A popular spot to farm cards is at Coral Beach Field 2 at the Volley Ball net area. Note that you may need these later for your own guardian especially if you're going for one that requires secret empathy. 6. Obtain the Card ID Skill detailed in the first portion of Nessie's Guide to Guardians. Secret Cards from Card ID sell for between 2m-60m depending on which SC it is, though it is possible to Card ID for a while without receiving any Secret Cards. You will also receive miscellaneous stones during this process that you can save or sell. Requires level 65 and 2nd job to complete the quests for it. You will need to be level 120 to complete the Card Girl Quest to get 1 Arcana Dream Card or purchase this from someone (or get lucky from one of the other box drops listed in #4). If you are getting a guardian in the future, it may be advisable to keep a set for your own use or wait until you're making your guardian to do Card ID if it's one which requires secret empathy (and hence tons of cards - approx 1600). Prices vary depending on current supply & demand and personal degrees of desperation. 7. Farm Items used for Daily Quests (for Driller Boy quest). These generally sell for 50k-250k. I have seen some higher prices for the ones lower on the list, but I'm not sure if they sell. Have not seen anyone selling crystal either since it's pretty easy to obtain. Crystal [Drill in Coral Fields, Desert Beach Fields, Gate of Desert Beach, etc] Sleeping Socks [Kill Punisher Shell Cannon Lv38 - Desert Beach Fields] Shtella's Profile [Kill Desert Beach, Caballa Relics, and Oops Wharf Monsters] Staff of Purification [Kill Punisher Aposis Lv71 - Relics Fields] Thick Rope [Drill in Wharf Fields] Executioner's Gills [Kill Punisher Merman Ale Lv100 - Mermaid Palace Fields] Stela's Profile [Kill Mermaid Palace, Rose Garden, and Black Swamp Monsters] Punisher B.V. Claws [Kill Punisher Beast Vincento Lv161 - Rose Garden Fields] Swamp Leaf [Drill in Swamp Fields] Icicler's Crystal [Kill Punisher Icicler - Snow Hill Fields] Stellar's Profile [Kill Techichi and Tapasco Monsters] I have not done this one, but some have said there might be something wrong with the drop. HP Recovery Potion [Kill Punisher Fire Golem Lv357 - Tapasco Fields] Random Part & Random Bearing [Drill in Abyss Fields] I have not done this one, and I'm not sure if anyone bothers since it's in the Abyss. 8. Hunt Bosses and hope you're lucky with Unique equipment drops. Boss unique equipment vary widely in price from 3m for the Pharaoh Hat from Tut to 400m-450m for the Draconic Sword from Spicy. Unless you use a broom (exchanged with GM SSI in Mega Shop with GM Certificates) to bypass the trials you will need to complete a trial for each boss each time and wait a timer before you can kill the boss again. Please refer to Nessie's Boss Hunting Guide for more information on boss trials. There is no level limit for bosses on this server, so you can go back and do any of the bosses. The treasure chests from bosses have a chance to contain boss unique equipment and can also contain some MS items such as elixirs and repair powders which can be sold. Bosses do not drop boxes every time. This method is highly RNG based. 9. Sell items from Level Up Rewards to players. Some prefer to keep these for future use (Eggs for innerwear/pets, Nikarium for level 305 weapon compounding, GM Certs for boss brooms, etc). White Elixirs 500-700k [Lv80] Black Elixirs 500-600k [Lv80] GM Gift Certificates 500k-550k (can also be saved and exchanged with GM_SSI in Mega Shop for boss brooms which allow you to bypass boss trials and a few internal equips) [Lv100, 180] Bonus Eggs 500k-800k (recently around 500k) (price may vary a lot depending on supply/demand, item can only be traded using a private sell order with the online marketplace at the moment) [Lv160] Nikarium 7.5-10m (recently around 8m) [Lv200, 300] Adamantite 800k-1m (recently around 700k) [Lv220, 280, 380] Alexandrite 100k-250k (recently around 100k) [Lv220, 280, 380] 10. Drill in Tapasco Mines. The income is about 2m/hour with some variation depending on how packed it is and if you move your character out of empty spots. Level 120 to enter mines. Level 160 to use the drills from Item Girl (depth 300m, 300k each). If you're able to make the trek to Abyss Town Platonia, Item Girl there sells Neo Sea Drill No.8 which can be used at Level 60 (depth 300m, 60k each). The more WT you have, the less often you need to NPC/move ores. Pouches are very useful for this; though the MS ones are all timed, it only costs 165 recharge coupons (8.25m) to recharge for 2 months per pouch. For 10k you can purchase Memory Ports from Item Girl in Mega Shop and save one at a vendor NPC and the other at Bunny Maid to re-enter the mines. You can also use the Online Item Manager to store all your ores and vend it at one time. Most people seem to say Tap Mine 2 is better for consistent galder. Vendor all ores for ~8k-10k each but KEEP Adamantites and Alexandrites (prices in above section). It's up to you if you want to keep Zircon and Ori-Harkons. They do not seem to sell well to players if at all. 11. Farm in Phantom Dungeon for phantom equipment to sell to NPC. People in discord have mentioned varying numbers from 15m/hour to 20-30m/hour; I imagine it also varies with location and level of pvp action along with normal drop rate/personal speed factors. PvP Enabled Area. Kill mobs for equipment drops and vendor them. I have not done this before as I don't pvp, so I'm not sure about the rates. This was recently re-added to LifeTO and may still be tweaked. 12. Farm Shadow Mobs for Gloom Equipment to sell to NPC. The income is about 20m/hour though some have supposedly been able to hit 100m/hour. Mine has been 18m-25m/hour depending on how many people are on the map, how quickly I can kill the mobs, and how lucky I am with the drops. This method REQUIRES A GUARDIAN. Refer to Nessie's Guardian Guide for how to obtain a guardian. Kill Shadow Mobs with Mind's Eye active and NPC Gloom equips for 23-79k each. Popular maps include Path to Caballa Relics, Path to Oops Wharf, and Coral Beach Field 1. 13. Sell Chaos's Feathers. I'm not as familiar with the prices and they will vary depending if a new box just released and how the supply/demand is looking at the time. I'd say around 100k-800k are the prices I've seen for the higher CFs. Party Quests often provide Chaos's Feathers which can be used to temper equips or sold to players. The ones I've seen in shops or requested are CF 185, 200, 215, 230, 245, 305. Note that some of these party quests provide a lot of exp and you may want to do the first 25 or 30 runs for the exp rather than for farming CFs. Here's a list of party quests that provide Chaos's Feathers. Some CFs can also be obtained from Card ID. 14. Donate Bals. LifeTO offers a method to donate cash for Bals at a $1:1kBal ratio (minimum $5, ex: $5 = 5,000 Bals) with a 1Bal:2MS ratio (ex: 500 Bals = 1,000 MS points). The MS can then be used to purchase various things to use or sell. Please use official channels for all transactions (SSI Lifeto site for bals/ms/marketplace, in-game shops). This method will not net you as much if you're looking for galders since most players expect a 10-20% discount on items which are available through MyShop since they can otherwise purchase it themselves. 15. Sell extra Gacha/MS Box equipment to players. Please note this is less of a way to straight up make galder and more of a way to recoup some of what you spent (unless you're really lucky). This is often at a loss since many of the Gacha equips are worth less than the cost of the box both for Eclipse's exchange and for MS boxes. Some items such as specific pets, hats, masks, and head accessories can sell for high prices. Examples: Heart Face Painting, Banker's Hat, Innocent Glasses, etc. If you're unsure of prices for items, the LifeTO Discord has a marketplace category and the LifeTO Forum has a marketplace section. You can also try using the in-game "/rate" function though this can sometimes be inaccurate or unavailable; it's still a nice tool to have available. As seen in the below screenshot type "/rate Name of Item" into the chat window and enter. The information will appear in the chat window. Hope this was helpful to you in some way. If there's something wrong or there's something to add, please let me know below.
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    Diary no. 506 Chelle was excited to open them... but got poop
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    Diary No. 504 IGN: nekro drilling for some questies
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    Diary No. 503 IGN: DeadlyKite Oh god... what im a doin !? my momma didnt raise me to be like this... shamed to gamble the hard earned galders...
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    No. 502 Dearest finally decided to stop afk drilling and do quests to level up... yet somehow i am still finding myself drilling...
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    Diary No.499 Silverlining Welcome to my Garden
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    Diary No.498 Aimo Saw a shop with both Hyena and Rachel Beret, but they were a tad higher than I wanted. Was about to offer 100m for both and decided to try a few boxes first. Got a happy surprise with Hyena on first Mega IV box! Did not get lucky with the beret so I splurged a bit and bought it. YAY hats!
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    So, does this mean the new update isn't applied?
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    Diary No. 490 IGN: Throne Finally got my first ever guardian! Absolutely loving the amount I can make from gloom farm
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    let me repharse that. You know how there are 3 floors right. yes so floor 1 can be lvl 200+ monsters floor 2 level 300+ monsters and floor 3 level 400+ monsters something like that.
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    I don't think it's supposed to be endgame as much as way to galder farm without guardian (unless they want early sections to be grindable by lower levels and later levels by endgame people)
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    Minor suggestion. I didn't get to test this but I heard you guys made the monsters stronger and the drop good but since some people are gonna be spending alot of time there and this is suppose to be for end game people can u make the monsters level 300-400+ atleast to compare to the stat increase and what not. So people can grind and get exp while they get money. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anyone.
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    10 hours? Q,Q might a swell go to sleep.....shout out to potter I got yow money!
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    Hello, Tricksters! The maintenance has ended at 12:30 AM. Please see the updates below: Bug Fixes: Phantom Dungeon has been fixed, monsters are now dropping with the same rate as last year. Bunny MyShop Fashion has been fixed. Eh, another disappointing patch. We were going to add the new fashion but we were getting an error and the cause is currently unknown. We'll have an emergency maintenance as soon as we figure out how to fix it. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Hello, Tricksters! We'll be having our server maintenance on August 28, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (EDT) of the next day. During this time, all LifeTO services will be unavailable including the control panel. Below are some of the updates to be expected: Phantom Dungeon Drop Rate Fix (initially tested by Comet but feel free to try it in our test server) Removal of non-set MyShop fashions, all of them will be sold per set for 7,100 MS New MyShop fashions (the ones from the official server that weren't released in eTO iirc) Introduction of guild packages for guilds from eTO or other private servers who wishes to transfer here (not for existing guilds! please don't try to cheat) Starting next week, we'll be hosting our O/X Quizzes every Wednesday instead of Saturday (conflict with real life schedule). Also, we'll begin the 1v1 tournaments by the 4th week of September for classes with released character boxes (registration will start a week before the fight, it'll be held every weekend--to be voted).
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    You have a chance to get a Boss's Unique but you can also get other items like elixirs. Its not guaranteed that you will get an unique everytime.
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    Diary No. 489 IGN: anidori Luck was better for me today! Succeeded in compounding my ginseng tea in my first try.
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    Diary No. 486 IGN: DeadlyKite Time to hax this babies up !! pleasee nate.. dont be a B!tc# this time, gimme gimme some good comps !
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    Diary No. 477 Butters Patiently waiting for friends to come back and play :(
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