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    Diary Number 250 IGN: Nami Dear diary, I finally hit level 130! I wasn't very good at drilling through the Rose Fields, and everyone there managed to lose all of their items underground!!! Silly NPCs... ;~; Hopefully I'll be able to push through the 3rd job trials next!
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    Just tossing an Idea here, Cause lately more people are participating in Harkon (thx to reina scavenger hunt event ) but why stop there ? For what I understand.. peoples motivation to go to harkon is to get shards, get shards then get 4g, and 4gcards = Shiny Equips, can be weapon (infernos) , but Mostly people use it for Fuses ( who wouldnt? its shiiiny and cool) but majority of players now have this Shiny's already, so no more or less motivation to go soooo... If the Prize of harkon is for fuses.. lets ADD MORE FUSES by adding Gacha Boxes Here !! This is how: What if... all the players in the Harkon Room, AFTER they DEFEAT CHRONOS, They get Teleported to Fiesta Room 10 (same 10mins) BUT instead of Dropping FIESTA MARBLES.. make them drop GACHA BOXES (totally random town from Beginner >> Special town) with the Drop rate according to the difficulty/mode of defense If players defended: Gloom - 20% gacha boxes drop rate Kira - 30% gacha boxes drop rate Boss mode - 40% Droprate This way, we really apply our Play-2-win motto, adding an alternative besides buying them from Eclipse and ADDING motivation to Finish Harkon besides 4g's fuses
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    Diary No. 276 IGN: Violete Checking shops.. lazy day
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    Diary No. 275 Shalltear afk drilling for money
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    Diary No. 276 IGN: Four Spent so much (way too much ;;;) and finally got Bard Amelie
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    Diary No. 275 IGN: Gabe Slow Day
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    Diary No.274 IGN : LarsPacheco Zzzzz
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    Diary No.273 IGN: AkenoHimejima yeaa u.u
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    Diary No.272 Kumomo Tap Tap Tap.
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    Diary No. 271 IGN: Alastair Slaving~
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    Diary No. 270 IGN : Silverlining Looking for Vincento's Claws
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    Diary No. 269 IGN : Cherubim Blue penguin pet hunting for event
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    Diary No. 268 IGN : MitasFinding geodude
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    Diary No. 267 Aerithz Getting some pets, and +1 Chronos Shard
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    Diary No. 266 IGN MagicianHana Out scavenger hunting~
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    No. 265 Rico the legendary is calling me...
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    Diary No. 264 IGN: Krismee Chilling out @ mega.
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    Diary No. 263 IGN: Mitas Watching the sheep murder the cute monster HAHAHAHA
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    Diary No. 262 IGN: LarsPacheco And now we are starting over again~...
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    Diary No. 261 IGN: Cherubim Nothing to do..
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    Diary no. 260 IGN: Koyomi pls sell me 3 harkons anyone
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    Diary No. 259 IGN: OrangeCrime Started my dark wizard, will be a lot of fun!
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    Diary no. 258 Mikey so many bloons
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    Diary No. 257 YohhSteve Waiting for Harkon Defense with mah shiny capes *-*
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    Diary No. 252 Shalltear Reached the galder cap by doing nothing.
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