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    Diary No. 330 Butters Hanging out with my new pet :)
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    Diary no. 309 IGN: Koyomi 4g capes are so beautiful, glad i've been going to all these harkon defenders
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    Diary no. 308 IGN: Violete Well today I have a lot of luck! First getting butterfly mask.. and 3 gacha boxes later innocent glasses
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    Diary No. 305 IGN: evanesce Really sad that I can't get the crying june pet, too low level to get the required items Aimo helped me get the higher quest items! TYSM! Now all I need are those darn turtle eggs Listening to the coral beach night bgm, this was my fav track from the old days
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    No. 334 Rico Janus' Msgr, wtf...that's not an Ifron... LOL.. oh well
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    Diary no. 325 IGN: LarsPacheco Slide time
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    dIARY nO. 323 IGN: Gabe Not too crowded today~
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    Diary No.322 IGN: Ruki Today I was mostly just afk cause sleeping so I get better. So I post a pic of my bunny drilling! Getting sick is so annoying!!
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    Diary No.321 IGN: AkenoHimejima rose garden quests :3
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    Diary No.320 Kumomo Slowing inching to 400 in Tap ;p.
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    Diary No. 319 IGN: Four Tiredddd
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    Diary No. 318 IGN : AshGray Resting.....
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    Diary No. 317 Gado When you just want spicy eggs but you get mobbed...
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    Diary No. 316 YohhSteve Do I have enough 4G capes yet?
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    No. 315 Rico still playing card id
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    Diary No. 314 IGN: Nekro Selling
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    Diary Number 311 IGN: Nami Dear diary, this seed is more trouble than I thought! Its asking me to commit mass genocide in order to find cards for it to hatch. ;~;
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    Diary No.303 IGN : Reuku First problem I ran into playing. Hopefully I find a solution. Not a good way to start but probably wont need fortune till later. edit: Problem fixed, had too many quests. Thank you Butters for the help.
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    Diary No. 299 YohhSteve Got some good fortune today ~
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    Diary No. 294 Aerithz Today: Win harkon Get more Bard Amelies Get a Summertime Yuri Get a bard sheep ribbon 4s
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    Diary No. 293 IGN: Tsukimori Missed two entries since I was busy packing for college. Now I'm here at college so have some time to post again, but I probably won't be able to play as much : - (
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    Diary No. 290 Danix When you are excited to kill the boss, but the boss room is empty
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    Diary No. 282 IGN: Osgood Day 3 of endless drilling - I remembered why drilling quests suck.
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