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    Diary No. 395 IGN Stars ~* I love my new Solar Cape *~ ~* ^.^ *~ https://i.gyazo.com/4c3582b6c3ed31ddad55c608e633c026.mp4 :3
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    Hello everyone it's nice to meet you all! I've played the eTO when I was younger. Buut.. I didn't know what I was doing with that stats of my chars back then so they sucked lol. I may be a bit of an off and on player, but trickster is one of favorite mmos so I keep coming back. I've also played on a different server before too and played as a witchy sheep. I heard good things of Life TO and its community, so I decided to play on here I'm currently playing as a cat and aiming for diva! IGN: Carmilla (Also bless the drop and exp rates here)
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    Welcome and have fuuun
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    For those that run the game in custom resolutions (= not 800x600 or 1024x768), here's how you can "fix" the character selection screen so the windows aren't all in the top left corner. Go to LifeTO/data/UI_nori Open CharSelectUi.ucf with notepad or notepad++ or something like that, this has the character window info (but not the Timecapsule window) and you'll see a bunch of texts like this: 800 and 1024 are the default resolutions' width, so you just need to add two new lines right under those with your resolution's width value, and edit the other number, then save. You'll have to save, open the game and check if it's centered, so if you want it perfecly centered, you'll have to keep editing the number, saving, opening the game to check the position, and closing it before you save the edited file. Here's an example of how it will look with new lines added I simply copy-pasted two lines, changed to my resolution (1360x768, so I wrote 1360), and edited the other number (to 390 and 155) so it's centered. [for Y is the same as 1024 because my game window has the same height - 768 :P ] If you play the game at 1080p (1920x1080), for example you'll just have to add "iBase_CoordX_1920" and iBase_CoordY_1920" instead, and adjust the other numbers. Probably 568 for "CoordX" and 218 for "CoordY". Next, open TimeCapsuleUI.ucf, you'll se something like this: Do the same, just add two new lines with your resolution and edit the numbers, like this: Again, since I'm using 1360x768, I typed 1360 and edited the other number so X is the same value as the one I typed in the CharSelectUi.ucf file (and Y is the same as 1024 because I'm using the same height - 768). And continuing with the previous example, if you play the game at 1080p, just add "iMenu_CoordX_1920" and "iMenu_CoordY_1920", and the same number you typed for X in the other file. Just a note - X is horizontal position, and Y is the vertical position. Here's how it looks without editing any of these files, and how it looks like with them edited :D
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    Diary No. 396 IGN : Cetus Go ! Go ! It's a new start.
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    Diary No. 394 IGN: Krismee Cleaning up trash
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    Diary No. 393 IGN: Gabe When will the show start?
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    Diary No.392 IGN:Alastair Drilling everyday~~
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    Diary Number 391 IGN: Nami Dear diary, I opened my first sheep box today and got the Bard Amelie 240 pet!! I'm so happy and excited to take her on adventures with me!
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    No. 390 Yann Poppuri Quest clear !
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    No. 389 Badfish thinking i need some fuses. this sheep looks so derpy
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    Diary no. 388 Comet Im a broke queen hahaha
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    Diary no. 387 LarsPacheco Slide Slide Slide
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    Diary no. 386 Cherubim Im about to do afk drilling
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    Diary no. 385 Nioh Doing dailies on alts
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    Diary no. 383 IGN: Carmilla Busy studying :')
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    Diary No. 382 Butters Need to ask for consent
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    Diary No. 381 IGN: Silverlining Drilling~ Drilling~
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    Diary No. 380 IGN: OrangeOrange Can I have consent to post on party bultin?
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    Diary no. 379 IGN: Osgood Not completely done with Mermaid Palace, but I skipped ahead to start the next Episode. Needed a change of pace!
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    Diary no. 378 Mikey so many d/c's
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    Diary No. 377 YohhSteve Where everyone go?
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    Diary No.374 Yann Thanks a lot for GM's gifts
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    Oh I see, thank you! XD That was a quick fix
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