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    Hello & Happy Spooktober, Tricksters! As Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to base the poll around this holiday. Please help us decide what to release for the next MyShop update. This Poll will end at exactly 11:59 p.m.on October 23rd, 2018. The patch will be up this coming week. 1st/2nd Box: 1. Incubus Box (G) 90/210 AND Succubus Box 90/210 (includes Cross Tattoo Box 90/210) Incubus Box: Incubus Box G: Succubus Box: Cross Tattoo Box: OR 2. Ninja Noxx 70/190 AND Nurse Nyxx 70/190 Ninja Noxx Box: Nurse Nyxx Box: 3rd Box: 2010 Halloween Box 30/90/160/240 OR Trick & Treat Girl Box 140/210 2010 Halloween Box: Trick & Treat Girl Box: Thanks! Feel free to suggest your favorite boxes for the next MyShop poll. I hope you all have a spoopy day~
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    My suggestions : Dark Nyxx 160 & 230 => https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Dark_Nyxx_Hat_230.html Dark Noxx 160 & 230 => https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Dark_Noxx_Hat_230.html Baby tenter lion box => https://web.archive.org/web/20150905114316/http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Tenterpaws @Raymonf @Sky Can we have all these halloween boxes at a time, instead of only 3? PLEAASEEE To compensate all that time without boxes. Last myshop update was on September 10, 40 days ago. Also, why no 2nd job char boxes this time? Explorer zorra, entertainer cat, boxer bunny left.
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    Hey guys! I'm a returning player frooooomm probably a year ago? I remember being in one of the first art contests ever and was really hyped up to get involved 8v8 Things had begun to get hectic in my life, though, so I went on hiatus for a while ;v; AND NOW EVERYTHING'S CHANGED OvO"!! Great improvement though, guys. I'm really hyped! How are we all doing?
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    So many people are just stuck in PQ's, Boss huntings and Afk Drilling, sadly this activities is mainly done by high lvl players how about low level players ? Fiesta is a good way to grind (for those people who hard-headedly dont want questing) or its also good just for senseless killings of mobs, maybe to test your aoe skills, Also some people dont want to go Harkon anymore of because few players online, and Fiesta is Always the same time of Harkon so its an alternative to SOLO players out there, or who dont have a good party/guildmates at a the time these events comes, (sometimes mainly because of time zone difference so they cant play always together) Harkon/Fiesta is like a Quick Break from intensive questing/pqs or just plain stress reliever It also serves as added activity for players who's just tired of their old routines Fiesta is killing mobs aggresive/non-aggresive that rarely drops Fiesta Marbles I dont know why the exchange npc is not implemented in our server.. but Hear these out.. we can make it fun and people to come here if we put these on our exchange boxes = fiesta marbles slugling is FUGLY, scratch that but Exchange for gift box A,B,C should be 2 marbles all cuz their basically in MsShop( just alternative for stingy players) Here comes the People Caller Fiesta GIFT BOX D, E, F Gift Box D contains: = 3 marbles Common Gm Cert - Rare Bonus Egg- Rare Gift box E contains: = 4 marbles Common Legendary Anvil - Rare Tempering Gold - Rare Gift Box F contains: = 5 marbles Common Nikarium - Rare Random boss broom - Rare This way we can separate the crowd in PQ's who wants to farm cf and ones who wants to grind lvls waiting in line AND we can lessen people making too many ALTS just to farm these in Lvl.up Boxes cuz some people dont want to start allll the way from beginning again Hope you take this in consideration.. thx CHANGED SOME ITEMS SINCE UPDATE REMOVE SOME OF THEM
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    Diary no. 74 IGN: Koyomi invaders must die
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    Diary No. 73 IGN: Violete And still drilling
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    Diary No. 72 IGN: Alastair Back to the mines~~
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    Diary No.71 Valerie Tap tap in the morning~
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    Diary No. 70 IGN : Cetus Humming~
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    Diary No. 69 IGN : Yann Drilling
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    Diary No. 68 IGN : Gabe SOOOoo is the server stable now?
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    Diary no 67 IGN : Osgood Spent time with Mint and her pet today.
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    Diary number 66 ign : Panties how much is this worth anyway??
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    Diary no 65 IGN : Yeet Afk on trickster celebrating birthday IRL
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    Diary No.634 IGN :Coon Nice Hat
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    Diary No.63 IGN: AkenoHimejima time to drill :3
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    Diary No.62 IGN: FoxStormD Loving my new Fuse *_*
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    Diary No.61 Ixora Leisure life in Paradise Oh look, fishies!
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    Diary No. 60 YohhSteve I should be made a replica NPC at this point to help me afk in mega :^)
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    Diary No. 59 IGN: Miyo Mega Crazy Drilling, that's awesome! Ice Cream Drill lasting 1minute!
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    Diary No. 58 IGN: Reuku Failed upgrade, guess I'll count my losses and stay at Lv5
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    No.57 Dearest i love driller boy, but.. kinda happy that he finally expired. not opening another one for a while. NOT GETTING SUCKED INTO THAT TRAP AGAIN
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    Diary No. 56 IGN: Krismee Been so busy irl How is everyone's day?
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    Diary Number 55 IGN: Nami Dear diary, I got Undine's Garden, the last skill I needed! Took about 3 hours, but I finally got it, yay!! :3
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    Diary No. 28 Cetus Afking..
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