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    Happy Halloween! Here be a large MyShop update that I can't test (because of lack of time). The following boxes are available until November 12, 2018 (tentative date, due to the sheer amount of boxes). Get them while they're available! If any problems arise, let me know and we'll figure something out! Thank you for your support!
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    Noted. The stats seem to be present, so we'll fix these in the next maintenance.
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    no 283 ign: Yeet golden shield where are youuuu
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    Diary No. 282 IGN: FrajolaBR Spying on the shops
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    no.281 Melodyeww drilling quest items
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    Diary No. 280 IGN: AshGray AFK
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    Diary No. 279 IGN: Saratana Had fun leveling new characters and streaming with new friends!
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    Diary No. 278 IGN: Yann I now go to work.
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    Diary No. 277 IGN: Reuku I remember this place
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    Diary no. 276 IGN: FoxStormD farm farm
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    Diary no. 275 Koyomi spending money feels good
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    Dairy No. 274 IGN: Acire Trying to get a Driller! (Also new Nyxx stuff not showing on char).
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    Diary no. 273 IGN: evanescence In the spirit of Halloween, I present to you three spooky items I found in the swamps
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    Diary No: 272 IGN: Cetus I'll go hunting the Nephthys
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    Diary No. 271 Aimo Guess it's the gloom life once more.
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    Diary No. 270 IGN: Ultred caught her consuming an unknown substance!
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    일기 번호 : 269 IGN : Canaria Caballa Relics quest completed
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    Diary No: 268 IGN: Harun achieve a Lv100
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    diary 267 ign: Yeet almost halloween!
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    Diary No: 266 IGN: Yann My driller boy has expired.
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    Diary No: 265 IGN: Violete Drilling for my sheepy
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    Diary No: 264 IGN: Jurry afk drilling, daily quest later.
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    diary 263 ign: Panties i am now a drilling nurse
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    Dark nyx/Dark nox/Trick & Treat eqs are currently invisible
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