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    Hello! Name's Tams in game and TamamoElish here. I often used the nickname Tamed but there's a lot of games that used it too so you'd see me as TammyTamed in discord. As for being a "veteran", I won't say I am. I got to like level 110 back in eto then left the game so.. yeahh. Anyways! Hello!
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    Diary No. 57 IGN: Tams Turning in Dailies
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    Diary No. 56 Tuturuuu Still farming
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    Suggestion: Tutankhamen treasure = 80% drop rate Tombeth treasure = 100% drop rate Captain Skull treasure = 100% drop rate Pirate King Karan treasure = 100% drop rate Count blood treasure = 80% drop rate Tenter Lion treasure = 75% drop rate Queen Odinea treasure = 70% drop rate Soki treasure = 70% drop rate Spicy = remains unchanged. 1. Spicy treasure drop rate is higher than all other bosses. 2. Myshop gears and powerful equips are better than most boss equips. 3. Players level up so fast and change their gears frequently. So is not worth spending a lot of days to get a boss equip, then get a better gear 1 day after that cost 5M or less. Also, you can get level 300 easily with crappy gears, then hunt Spicy Dragon. 4. Bosses have spawn time and trials, no one is online 24 a day. Mostly players can kill the same boss just a few times per day. Brooms are not an option since no one has GM certs to sell. Let's suppose you kill Count Blood 10 times/day 20 days = 200 seals = 40~60 boxes. Even with this ammount of boxes you may get nothing, since treasure boxes have a lot of junk. 5. Equips from these bosses are rare and expensive. Only high level players can afford it. 6. That crappy drop rate make boss hunting disappointing, disincentive, annoying. Mostly players just give up or avoid doing it. 7. Increasing the drop rate of treasures will make it more fair. Players will still need to kill these bosses many times to get their equips. Unique equipment rate is fair, but treasure box rate isn't. We need a balance, and actually is way too hard (waste of time) to get a low level unique.
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    Diary No. 58 Ginjou Signing up for Legacy guild
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