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    Happy New Year! We want to thank the community for staying with us through thick and thin (referring to online player count). Special mention to Aimo, Yohhsteve, Cabuloso, AshGray, Butters, Celest, Shanni, WinnieTheJewBear, Abaddon, etc. (the old names that I'm always seeing) and to my teammates, Ray, Aly, Nessie, Ricardo, and Calico who have continued the show despite my absence. Since we started last 2015, we at LifeTO have formed a small but solid team of developers and community managers. Our love and passion for the game have never died, at our age, we're still addicted to the cuteness of Trickster. This year, we're hoping to revive the community; both PVE and PVP scene. At present, we are hiring people to aid us promoting the server and answering questions here and in Discord, to socialize with the community, and to host forum and in-game events. However, if you have other talents that you think would be beneficial to the community, don't be afraid to apply for positions that we did not specify. Available Positions: Community Manager (in-charge of events) Influencer (will be helping us promote the game through creative methods) All interested players may apply. Prior experience is not necessary. We ask that all applicants follow the application process and requirements below. Be sure to read the rest of this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers. Requirements Must be at least 19 years old All fields must be filled out completely in English Incomplete applications will not be considered Simply copy the application form in the spoiler tag and message your application to me and @Raymonf. Message title should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name]
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    New to the server, wanted to know how active it is and if you have any tips u can give to a newbie!
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    Diary No.25 IGN:FoxStormD Sad all my friends are gone
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    I would love to contribute with lvl guide and characters guide! Things PvE are my thing.. PvP? Not so much. I can study and do guardian guide too! Discord: @Roxe Heart#7200
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    I'm interested in creating an extension (video-format) of my existing all-in-one beginner guide to LifeTO, and I can also contribute to a leveling guide (this would be based on efficiency -i.e. outline which quests you should do/not do). I can help create a how to farm/money guide (again this would be centered on efficiency regarding PD and Gloom farming). Discord: Gunna#4616
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    I would love to write about guardians, I could just copy and paste my 100+ texts to @JazzyMicah about legendary guardians and I'd be done! Discord @China Sorrows#1420
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    Community Manager: Supports/Assists players who are needing help in the forum, Discord, Facebook, or in-game Hosts events both in the forum and in-game (Devs can assist if needed) Might be asked to help the devs test patches Influencer: Someone who's famous; could be a streamer, YouTuber, Facebook or IG famous (or if you're simply famous in your town) Actually, you don't need to be famous Someone who can help us create video contents that we can upload on SNS Livestreaming or video recording of future events (we'll give you an account that you can use to spectate PVP matches)
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    Could you please give a more detailed outline of responsibilities and expectations for the community manager and influencer position(s)? Thank you for your time.
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    Diary no: 18 Bazooka Doing quests for new sheep. With all the drillings done by lion, I just need to be there to kill (*,..,*)
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    Diary no: 17 Yann Hiding
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    Diary no. 15 FangTheLion Kill #72, 2 more to go
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    No. 13 Silverlining Foxy Look
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    Diary No. 11 GoldenShot Got the Flashire pet in the 3 boxes~
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    Diary No. 6 IGN: evanesce ^same, still trying to get lady snow and both of the snow capes T^T I now have enough lady snow disguises for life
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    Hello, I'm Momokoto and have been on this server for about 2 months now! This topic will be my suggestions and opinions about increasing population on this server. Suggestion One : Increase bals : my shop ratio This is not my idea entirely, I have spoken with a few people and believe that this could be useful. The current ratio is $1 = 2000 my shop. I haven't been on the server for very long, but to my knowledge the administrators/developers run this serve by volunteering their time. If we could increase the rate to $1 = 10000 my shop (or something like that, might have to finesse the ratio a bit). This would help with two things, give us advertisement money, and also help to compensate the administrators/developers (which may increase the involvement by the development team because they can be compensated). As someone who doesn't have a lot of time to play Trickster Online regularly because of in real life commitments, this would allow me to get my shop when I can't commit to farming myself, and also support this game and their development team. This small amount of revenue can in turn then be used to maybe advertise our server on other gaming websites, hopefully inciting people to join us that don't know about Trickster Online. Most people on this server have sentimental ties to this game, and thus may have stumbled across this server in their search to maybe experience that again. With monetary gain for the developers it would maybe allow them to have more incentive to invest more time into out little server. Possibly more frequent boxes, O/X events, or other events (except poppuri event please). Suggestion Two : Make Reina at Coral Beach permanent I read on another suggestion post that we should make Reina permanent, however I disagree with making the items you gather too easy, as that takes away from the quest for hax comps too much. I think that we should definitely decrease the amount of items to gather, as 50 pink coral is hard to get for 1 elixir, maybe decrease it to 20 or something similar to that. This wouldn't make it too difficult to get pink/amethyst elixirs and allow for more people to have access to better comps and quality of life in Trickster Online. Possibly add to the list of what she offers too, like different anvils! Those are my two main suggestions for increasing population on this server. I want to shout out @Celestial for her idea of coming up with a weekly twitch stream / youtube videos. They have garnered a lot of views for being such an uncommon game, and has successfully brought in a few people to play the game! I encourage people to join us and possibly start their own videos! I look forward to peoples idea and feedback, happy holidays! ~Momokoto (Sorry posting it here, posted in the wrong place to start off with)
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    Join the discord for the server! Everyone on the server can answer any of your questions there much more easily. The server still has active players but some are busy with school. I would recommend checking out the guides section, specifically the compact item quest list, how to get a driller boy, and the daily coupon guides.
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