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    Diary No.: #112 IGN: Aimo Made a Powerful Striker that's a bit better than my old one and a P. Lang for bunny later. Might try to recomp more when I have galder again...
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    Diary No. 111 IGN: Jiao Lets go boys, hopefully ima hit 400 by the end of next week!
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    Diary No. 101 IGN: Jiao First one in ages, lets hope I win something good
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    Diary No.: #113IGN: Chelle woke up at 4 pm today
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    Diary No.: #110IGN:mtai Keep making money
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    Diary No. 109 IGN: zNineTaiL Doing dailies...
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    Diary No. 108 IGN: Somsom Who turned off the lights!?
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    Diary No. 107 FangTheDragon So I was waiting for Karan to spawn and noticed how creepy the Leaf Bird card art is...
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    Diary No. 106 Gunna Bored again
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    Diary No. 105 IGN: Yann Hello Queen!
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    Diary No. 104 IGN: Diego I hope he give me good results~
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    Diary No.102 IGN: FoxStormD Knock Knock? I like this door
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    Diary No. 100 IGN: Silverlining (Wow. It's a 100th diary.)
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    Diary No.: #99 IGN: Valerie Mmm Tap
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    Diary No. 98 Knopka_Jr Chillin in Oops
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    Diary no. 83 FangTheLion Shoutouts to Knopka
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    Happy New Year! We want to thank the community for staying with us through thick and thin (referring to online player count). Special mention to Aimo, Yohhsteve, Cabuloso, AshGray, Butters, Celest, Shanni, WinnieTheJewBear, Abaddon, etc. (the old names that I'm always seeing) and to my teammates, Ray, Aly, Nessie, Ricardo, and Calico who have continued the show despite my absence. Since we started last 2015, we at LifeTO have formed a small but solid team of developers and community managers. Our love and passion for the game have never died, at our age, we're still addicted to the cuteness of Trickster. This year, we're hoping to revive the community; both PVE and PVP scene. At present, we are hiring people to aid us promoting the server and answering questions here and in Discord, to socialize with the community, and to host forum and in-game events. However, if you have other talents that you think would be beneficial to the community, don't be afraid to apply for positions that we did not specify. Available Positions: Community Manager (in-charge of events) Influencer (will be helping us promote the game through creative methods) All interested players may apply. Prior experience is not necessary. We ask that all applicants follow the application process and requirements below. Be sure to read the rest of this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers. Requirements Must be at least 19 years old All fields must be filled out completely in English Incomplete applications will not be considered Simply copy the application form in the spoiler tag and message your application to me and @Raymonf. Message title should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name]
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    Diary No.: #2IGN: Knopka_Jr I got Spicy unique drop today
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