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    Hello! Wow, that's really strange. Did you tried to logout and login again and check your My Shop Inventory? I will also be passing this topic to @Sky, since this problem is really strange.
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    Diary No. 132 IGN: Jiao Bored, mega is pretty empty. I wanted to get 400 by next week but I have no motivation to mindlessly grind PQ's. I did 5 of Desert Beach and that was just depressing q_q.
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    Diary No: #131 IGN: Somsom Gloom farming
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    Diary No.: #130 IGN: Aimo Checking out shops & listening to the electrician drill holes in my wall.
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    Glad your problem has been solved. I would advise you to clear your MyShop inventory or at least lessen the items. Problems might occur if you have too much stuff in there.
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    Dear Diary No. 129 IGN zNineTaiL Eager to level.
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    Yes, I did. but Today, I received it. Thank you so much for your attention ♥♥♥
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    Hello, @Ozzyman! This is a common error, caused by your game resolution. Just change your resolution and you will be able to play normally. Moreover, if you want like to play with on a full resolution, please Click here. P.S: I will move your topic to our General & Technical Support Section, since this error is not a in-game bug.
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    Diary No. 128 Butters I remembered to post for once also im a poor boy ;(
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    Dear Diary No. 123 IGN Keeko :^)
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    Diary No. 124 FangTheBunny That's not a pearl pistol
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