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    Hello, Tricksters! There has been a large influx of newer players to the server (yay, welcome)! I have seen a lot of requests for previous boxes that were released, to be re-released so that people can obtain the best gear or become the cutest Trickster on the server. This is now your chance to put in your votes for what boxes you guys would like to see make a come-back! It can be anything that was released previously, this does not count for boxes that have not made an appearance in myshop. You can find previous releases in the forums --> official discussions --> myshop polls. Please comment below a box you would like to see if the box hasn't been suggested yet. Please only suggest one box per forum post comment. If you see a box that you want that has already been suggested please leave a "thumbs up" on the comment, any other reaction will not be counted towards the vote. There is no current date for these boxes to be released, or if all of them will make a come-back. This is just a poll to see which boxes are in the highest demand and we will try to find a place to work them in on our myshop updates! Thanks everyone, have a good day ~
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    Welcome to the server @Noctvi!!
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    Welcome! Highly encourage you to join the LifeTO discord channel where you can ask any questions and get help
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    sup yall, dunno how to introduce myself so will try my best lol i found this server thanks to reddit, and it looks good so i will be here for a while. i'm from México, sorry if my english is funny sometimes. i like horror movies, or in general to be exact. i like cute things too... and idk what to type jksjksjdh
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    Diary no. 209 FangTheFox Another Ice Diadem?
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    IGN WinnietheJewBear Bracket 301- 400 Job Champion (Power)
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