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    Lucky Diary No. 300 GoldenShot After multiple fails, long old chrome hunting, I've done it. Had 9 nikariums so I tried to hunt 18 old chromes, but after 3 hours I only found 8 old chromes @[email protected]; So I gave up and just went to compound 4 of them. First try was a fail and that made me so mad LOL then the last 3 were successful and 2 of them were 3s pwf. chromes! RNG GODS ARE TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!!! (Took 26 total Nikariums for these 3s chromes) Shoutout to @Chelle for giving me 10 nikariums and some maps ~ @Gunna For saving me 1 nikarium to buy and giving me 1 map XD. And shoutout to @StanMarshDarsh For his money problems, we all feel that.
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    Diary No. 295 IGN: Violete Good Night people
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    Diary No. 297 Dime come to harkon plox
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    Diary No.: #294IGN: Chelle´╗┐ happy that we're harkon-ing again
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    Diary No. 287 GoldenShot Pretty active today~ saw more players play, failed some pwf chromes, got some shards... overall nice active trickster day ^_^
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    Diary No.: #286IGN: Chelle´╗┐ @Yohhsteve let me borrow his hyena hairband... now i have to gacha for mine!!!
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    Dear Diary No. 306 IGN Keeko I enjoyed that boss event! See you guys next time!
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    Diary No. 304 Gunna Luckiest I've ever been, S>>>>>
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    Diary No.: #303IGN: Mikey waiting for new boxes before i burn my money on gacha
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    Dairy No.302 IGN:JuneSnow Doing The Daily
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    Diary No.: #301 IGN: Valerie Gave my laptop a few days break from being on 24/7. Will be back to mines soon!
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    Diary no. 299 IGN: JazZBot ~ is that the majestic IMystic i see
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    Diary No. 298 AkashaH This poor cat can't drill yet, so she just stay there to provide that sweet EXP bonus of Royal Party.
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    Dear Diary No. 296 IGN Momokoto Buy my stuff, I'm a poor rabbit who can't afford the golden crystal.
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    Diary No. 285 Aerithz One more char
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    Diary No. 283 Butters I forgot to post yesterday
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    Diary No.: #282 IGN: Tomo Did a daily.
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