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    Hello and welcome to the guide about daily coupons. This guide is going to show you all the locations of the available daily quest and also how to get the items need for them. All in all there are 13 daily quests in the game but unfortunately 2 of them are unavailable as of making this guide 1.Blooming Cora - Min Level 5 The first daily quest that is available is in blooming cora. For the quest you need 2 crystals which can be drilled in coral fields 2.Paradise - Min Level 20 The second daily quest is in Paradise. For the quest you need 1 sleeping sock which can be obtained from killing punisher cannon shell in Desert Beach Fields 3.Megalopolis - Min Level 35 The third daily quest is in Megalopolis. For this quest you need 2 Shtella's Profile which can be dropped by any monster in Desert Beach,Caballa Relics and Oops Wharf fields. 4. Azteca - Min Level 50 The forth daily quest is in Azteca. For this quest you need 1 Staff of Purification which can be dropped by Punisher Aposis which can be found in Caballa Fields. 5.Oops Wharf - Min Level 65 The fifth daily quest is in Oops Wharf. For this quest you need 2 Thick Rope which can be drilled in Oops Wharf Fields. 6.Mermaid Palace Field 4 - Min Level 80 The sixth daily quest is in Mermaid Palace Field 4. For This quest you need 2 Executioner's Gills Which are dropped by Punisher Merman Ale Which can be found in Mermaid Palace Fields. 7.Aquarius - Min Level 100 The seventh daily quest is in Aquarius. For this quest you need 2 Stela's Profile which can be obtained from killing monsters in Mermaid Palace,Rose Garden and Black Swamp. 8.Carbigal - Min Level 140 The eighth daily quest is in Carbigal. For this quest you need 2 Swamp Leaf which can be drilled in any Swamp Field. 9.Laplanoel - Min Level 170 The ninth daily quest is in Laplanoel. For this quest you need 2 Icicler's Crystal which can be Obtained by killing Punishers Icicler in any Snow Field. 10.Gate of Tapasco Volcano - Min Level 270 The tenth daily quest is in Gate of Tapasco Volcano. For this quest you need 2 Hp Recovery Potion which can be dropped by Punisher Fire Golem. 11.Abyss town Platonia - Min Level 290 No screen shot because i am a too lazy to walk to abyss The Eleventh daily quest is in Abyss town. For this quest you need 5 Random Parts and 5 Random Bearings which can be drilled in any Abyss field. 12 And 13.Rose Field 1 - Neil's Camp These 2 daily quests are not in the game. for the rose field one the quest giver Homeless ian is not on the map and for the other one Neil's Camp is not a area in our server but you would normally get to it from Techichi field 2,3 or 4.
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    Getting the AFK Drilling Pet / Driller Boy / Driller Girl Question: What's an AFK drilling pet? Answer: When the pet is equipped, it lets you drill and pick up the excavated item automatically. Question: What's the difference of a Driller Boy from a Driller Girl? Answer: They differ in stats and level requirement. Driller Girl has higher stats and level requirement compared to Driller Boy. How to get started? 1. Go to the center of Megalopolis and look for Miranda Watty. 2. Miranda Watty will offer multiple options on how you can get Driller Boy or Girl. 3. Please see the quest table below. You'll only have to choose one and start collecting the items needed. 4. Once you've collected all the item requirements, return to Miranda Watty and have them exchanged. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Question: Can it be recharged once expired? Answer: No, you'll have to redo the quest to get another pet. Question: What happens if I am already out of weight? Answer: Your character will leave all the items on the ground. Question: What happens if all my drill's life has been used? Answer: Your character will stop drilling. Question: Where do I get the items needed? Answer: You can check the wiki or ask the community through Discord.
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