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    Diary No. 8 IGN : Origin Met up for katsudon.
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    Diary No. 9 IGN: HueyTheSheep Worked at Royal Victoria Museum; Queen Mary University used our VR headsets to talk about turtle preservation.
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    Diary No. 5 IGN: Butters watching the game
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    Diary No. 106 IGN: FangTheLion Volcano Ashes suck
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    Diary No.: #105 IGN: TachibanaUkyo ONE BILLLLLLLION GALDERS
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    Diary No. 104 IGN: iFOXwithJaZzii drills for bills, gimme that moolah ~
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    Dear Diary. 103 IGN: Marinette Checking shops
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    Diary No. 102 IGN: NoodlesFade actually got something for once
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    Diary No.: #101 IGN: Valerie Hmmm I think I need to fo glooming since all these boss events are making boss equips pop up much more often in shops.
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    Diary No. 100 IGN: Edge collect 50 coupons
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    Diary No. 99 IGN: JazZBot i'm on my worst behaviour ~
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    Diary No.: #98IGN: BokuAyu Slaving away in the mines...
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    Diary No. 97 Serene hunting blood
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    Diary No.: #96IGN: Chellesurvived 8 finals and filled for widdle bit of pq's
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    Diary No. 3 IGN: Okabe Dying in bed bc sick ft. nasty dollar store cough drops, an empty tissue box, and this dirty ass breakfast tray that's been in my closet for 69 years wheeze
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    Diary No.: #2IGN: Valerie Made tea in my poro mug.
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    Diary No. 95 FangTheLion No boss hunting today, selling some goddamn hats
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    Diary No. 94 IGN: iFOXwithJaZzii still no presents for me, looks like I missed out on some shops too ~
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    Diary No. 90 IGN: Lofi Following this random buff around
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    Diary No. 85 IGN: JazZBot i'm ready, are you? ~
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