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    Diary No. 211 IGN: Lofi im crying
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    Diary No. 52 IGN: Butters had a good conversation with my friend at the (arguably) best boba spot in San Diego
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    Diary No. 216 IGN: JazZBot link up with the squad for coffee or tea and that, grown tings ygm ~
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    Diary No. 215 IGN: Nomia Collecting them coupons~
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    Diary No. 214 IGN: NoodlesFade grinding for a better sword
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    Diary No.213 IGN: Waifu doing oops wharf
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    Diary No.: #212 IGN: TachibanaUkyo Gave fang a present while he did card id
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    Diary No.: 60IGN: Tricks me, a grown ass adult: [buys myself pink pokemon pins]
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    Diary No. 210 IGN: FangTheDragon Lady Luck is on my side
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    diary no. 209 IGN: kiko time for 2nd job!!
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    Diary No.: #59IGN: Tomo Spot cleaner is working well on carpet stains from kitty vomit.
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    Diary No.: #208 IGN: Valerie A bit of shopping and more tap.
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    Diary No.207 IGN: RiasGremory drilling for tin x.x
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    Diary No. 58 IGN: HueyTheSheep Sight seeing in Germany
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    Diary No. 206 IGN: NoodlesFade quest drilling
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    Diary No. 57 IGN: Tricks in class presentation today........
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    Diary No. 56 IGN: Keeko Coffee trying to escape.
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    Diary no.55 ign: Tricks i doodled this today
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    Diary no.54 ign: Xasha? Playing atelier shallie on my PS3 still farmin and grinding haha what a poorfag
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    Diary No.: #53IGN: Tomo I want boba too . Wonder if there are good recipes online... (Picture unrelated to boba tea....because I have none :x. My kitty Milo)
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    Diary No.: #51IGN: Tricks it's tissue mounting day
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