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    Diary No. 63 IGN: Keeko if I don’t stop tricks from entering they are going to win all the drillers side note: temptations does produce a kitty
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    diary no. 227 IGN: kiko treasure hunting
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    Diary No. 228 IGN: JazZBot @Breno out here flexin, 2Billi headahh. This mole too, callin me waste. Don't let me catch you lackin in that dark cave foo ~
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    Diary No. 62 IGN: Tricks trying to draw my way out of my current art block
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    Diary no.226IGN: Mersedes see many farmers
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    Diary no.225IGN: Askeladden Earning muns
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    Diary no.224 IGN: RiasGremory bzzzzz
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    Diary No.: #223 IGN: Valerie Fox slowly leveling/making money in tap.
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    Diary No. 222 IGN: FangTheCat Soul seed done
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    Diary No. 221 IGN:Tulip hello, guys
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