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    Here you can find the answers to the most common questions. If your question don't have an answer in this topic, please, create a new thread in our Support Area. Hope it will be helpful for you! Technical Questions Q: Where can I find LifeTO Client? A: You can download LifeTO in our website. Click here to be redirected directly to our download page. - Q: What is the difference between the LifeTO and the others Trickster's servers? A: You can check our own features here. - Q: Every time I press "Game Start" some gibberish text appear. What should I do? A: This is a common error, caused by your Anti-Virus. Click here to be redirected directly to our page where will be explained how to solve this problem. - Q: Every time I select my character, a message pop up saying my inventory is full, not allowing me to play. What should I do? A: This is a common error, caused by the excessive amount of items that you have in your in-game inventory. If you have 270 of 300 items in your inventory, this error will appear. Click here to be redirected directly to our page where will be explained how to solve this problem. - Q: After I open my warehouse, "Exceptional Error" appears and the game crashes. What should I do? A: This error is caused when you have too many items on your warehouse. Click here to be redirected directly to our page where will be explained how to solve this problem. - Q: Why does the conversation cancel when I try to accept a quest from an NPC? A: This is a common error, caused when you try to accept more than 5 quests at the same time. Click here to obtain more information about the problem and ways to solve him. - Q: Every time I try to enter a specific map, a window pop up saying "Map Move Failed" and the game crashes. What should I do? A: This is a common error, caused when your LifeTO Installation gets corrupted. Click here to check how to solve this problem. - Q: I'm trying to login in the game, but the client freezes and crashes after that. What should I do? A: This problem happens usually when we have an maintenance happening or you maybe have a problem in your ISP. Click here for more informations about this problem. - Q: Every time I open the client, a window pop up saying: "No data\UI_nori\InstructionUI_1680.ucf File Found!". What should I do? A: This is a common error, caused by your game resolution. Just change your resolution and you will be able to play normally. Moreover, if you want like to play with on a full resolution, please Click here. In-Game Questions Q: Why am I not getting any farewell letters for the Elizabath quest in Paradise? A: There is a known bug that greatly reduces the number of farewell letters when the player has the quest in their quest log. Please delete the quest and proceed to drill. - Q: Is there a level limit/maximum on the LifeTO server for boss hunting? A: There is no level maximum on boss hunting for the LifeTO server, however the level limit must be met before you can start the unique boss set quests. Click here for an inclusive guide to boss hunting on the LifeTO server. - Q: Will there be Chaos Tower, or any of the later game updates happening on LifeTO? A: LifeTO does not plan on adding any further game updates, which means there will be no Chaos Tower, added 3rd job skills, and fuse de-fusing. Click here for more information regarding our server. - Q: Is there gacha on the LifeTO server? A: LifeTO does not have the drilling gacha mini-game in the my-shop tab, instead players are able to buy boxes from Eclipse in Megalopolis Shop (must purchase 1 million x 2, or 5 million x 1 galder checks per box from Andrew in Megalopolis Bank). Click here for a current gacha list. - Q: How do I get 4G equips? A: 4G cards can be obtained by trading shards from harkon protect and 1 million galder check x 60 with Eclipse in Megalopolis Shop, you can then trade your 4G card with Rosemary in Megalopolis for your 4G equipment. Click here for current 4G equips. - Q: How do I get Driller Boy/Driller Girl? A: Driller Boy/Driller Girl can be obtained by trading with Miranda Watty in Megalopolis. Click here for requirements, and here for daily coupons. - Character Questions Q: I want to make a specific character, but I don't know what build should I use. Is there any place where I can see characters guide? A: Yes, we have a Game-play Section on our Forum and a Wiki. To go to our Game-play Section click here. To go to our Wiki click here.
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    hello today I come bring more ideas to bring the game back active, let's start before starting I will leave a topic, with my ideas if you want to share or comment to help, let's start 1°Eclipse Gacha Fashion / Exchanges in NPC that such agent remove the Eclipse Gacha Fashion, and use it as an NPC trading event, which would give many different events each month, and let the Daily Diary routine that the only thing to gain is to enter and speak What are you doing ? and sending a photo? this will not help players stay online again, example 2° Bring back battles in PVP How about putting the active PVP! As ? putting the spicy boss in the garden put the Spicy appear every 1 or 2 hours to appear inside the pvp this will bring back the players lv 400 back active, motivating to get the teams of the bosses and gathering their guild to duel with other Clans, this will make the level 400 players return to play, since many stop because they did not have PVP because they reached their maximum goal on the server, thus increasing Spicy's endurance status. we can add in each of the spicy boxes 60% drop every 1 3° Time for you to start earning ADM we see that your job is hard Sky, it's time for you to profit from it, SKY - how can I do this? placing an ad on the control panel and Vip How will the VIP work? the vip serar within the control panel every month will be charged a fee for players who want to sell their items through the dashboard, this will help players lucar with MS or coins, we also see that the exchange of Bals is very devalued, I know it is a donation, but it is time for you to increase the exchange rate so that players can donate by making a profit with the return of the bals, 4° Sale of boxer driller boy and girl It's time to put the bandage on the boxer and the girl, bring a great cormecio to those who do the daily coupon quest, 5° Drop Chronos Chard in PVP as well as the spicy, we can put the chronos in the Core Duel arena to appear in the interval of every 2 or 3 hours that will still move the PVP, but increasing the resistance of the cronos to the battle to last longer. this is one of my ideas, I will post more when there is some feedback from the Administrator, leave your Like and your comment, it will be very important to see your opinion, thank you
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    Diary No. 101 IGN: Jiao First one in ages, lets hope I win something good
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    Diary No. 91 IGN Vienne ya YEET
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    Diary No.: #90 IGN: Aimo Changed fashion colors a bit for today.
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    Diary No. 77 Stars Completed my SM's outfit a few days after returning. Maybe I'll get a new head acc when a new one comes out.. Hmmmmmm. Thank you for Madame Snow, Xasha! Excited about the coming updates.
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    Diary No. 75 Silverlining Do you wanna build a snowcat?
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    Diary No.102 IGN: FoxStormD Knock Knock? I like this door
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    Diary No. 100 IGN: Silverlining (Wow. It's a 100th diary.)
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    Diary No.: #99 IGN: Valerie Mmm Tap
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    Diary No. 98 Knopka_Jr Chillin in Oops
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    Diary No.92 IGN: FoxStormD Pow, Mashed Potato
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    Dairy No. 89 Bazooka Bless boss trials without drilling!
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    Dairy No. 87 IGN: Somsom Finally can hunt these babies
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    Diary No.: #84IGN:mtai making money
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    Diary no. 83 FangTheLion Shoutouts to Knopka
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    Diary No. 81 IGN: Aserdna I'm the king of the world
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    Hello, please re-configure your resolution through setup.exe. ~
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    Diary No. 79 IGN: TheOracle - Strengthening my financial stability (for my unstable desire).
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    Happy New Year! We want to thank the community for staying with us through thick and thin (referring to online player count). Special mention to Aimo, Yohhsteve, Cabuloso, AshGray, Butters, Celest, Shanni, WinnieTheJewBear, Abaddon, etc. (the old names that I'm always seeing) and to my teammates, Ray, Aly, Nessie, Ricardo, and Calico who have continued the show despite my absence. Since we started last 2015, we at LifeTO have formed a small but solid team of developers and community managers. Our love and passion for the game have never died, at our age, we're still addicted to the cuteness of Trickster. This year, we're hoping to revive the community; both PVE and PVP scene. At present, we are hiring people to aid us promoting the server and answering questions here and in Discord, to socialize with the community, and to host forum and in-game events. However, if you have other talents that you think would be beneficial to the community, don't be afraid to apply for positions that we did not specify. Available Positions: Community Manager (in-charge of events) Influencer (will be helping us promote the game through creative methods) All interested players may apply. Prior experience is not necessary. We ask that all applicants follow the application process and requirements below. Be sure to read the rest of this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers. Requirements Must be at least 19 years old All fields must be filled out completely in English Incomplete applications will not be considered Simply copy the application form in the spoiler tag and message your application to me and @Raymonf. Message title should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name]
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    Diary No. 61 IGN: Aserdna Today I just started my CARD ID
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    Diary No. 60 IGN: TheOracle - Getting my dirty hands purified after flipping the ground of Rose (Cursed) Garden just to find the quest items.
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    Diary No. 59 FangTheDragon Legendary Sephirens complete
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    Diary No.: #2IGN: Knopka_Jr I got Spicy unique drop today
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