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  1. Cherry

    Daily Diary Event (IRL?!)

    Diary No. 3 IGN: Okabe Dying in bed bc sick ft. nasty dollar store cough drops, an empty tissue box, and this dirty ass breakfast tray that's been in my closet for 69 years wheeze
  2. does anyone use this? if u read this ur a bean

  3. Cherry

    Daily Diary Event (May)

    Diary No.: #73 IGN: Okabe I am surrounded by noobs who loot all my boxes during boss hunt event. Please don't look at my galders.
  4. Cherry

    Ugliest Trickster Contest

    MOMO SAYS I CAN DOUBLE POST so here is a somewhat legitimate entry Name: Cherry Entry Number: 4
  5. Cherry

    Ugliest Trickster Contest

    Name: Cherry Entry Number: 3