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  1. Loa

    Maintenance [2018-09-10]

    Sorry i`m kinda out of the circle ... what is that phantom dungeon improvement about?
  2. I'm not being mean... If you think that a 3 days effort wasted is worth quitting the server then your opinion should not be taken in consideration because you're not willing to stick around. Suck it up and create a new character. Just don't drop everything so easily... Also, considering how the game works, It's unlikely that your character is completely unplayable just because of one skill that went wrong.
  3. So people are complaining that a magic class skill has advantage over the class they are supposed to have advantage against ... hmmm But in all seriousness, this was a thing back in eTO and we, powers, had to find a way around it. Leave it as it is. In my opnion if a mage relies on that on PvP it just shows how he lacks ability to use proper skills. Please ... if that`s a valid reason for you to leave the server, just do it already. Community is better off without players like you.
  4. Method: Friend of mine found out about lifeTO and told me it was better and more balanced than revo... :P
  5. 2 votes for cuteness and 1 vote for actual interest in stats
  6. Holy cows I always wanted those bikini gals I'm so going to do this event!
  7. While I understand how some people are going to dislike this decision I believe it is a right thing to do. A few points I have in mind. Bear with me... 1: this will promote more interaction within the community, something that any private MMO server struggles to do. 2: Something that bugs me since the first version of the server last year, the fact that some people abuse of the system and post crap after crap with high prices hoping some good soul will buy it. (I even made a post about it) 3: The idea of preventing bugs and potentially exploits that could destroy the server's economy is a yes yes to me. Often we look only at what's more convenient to the players ignoring what is best to everybody(Devs included) on the long run. This is a perfect example. Now to the problems mentioned. 1:If you have issues with timezone and such, just create topics on forums with items you're willing to sell. This has been a thing back in eTO and can perfectly work on that problem. Back there we didn't even have discord that could help even more. Honestly there is no reason I can't see for anybody not to be able to sell what they need. We have 2 perfectly functional tools outside the game to help out. Be creative ... use them 2: trickster was created back in 2006, ANY system now is able to run at least 2 clients. If you're playing trickster you can perfectly create a mule to run a shop on the background. No reason to chose between playing and setting up a shop.
  8. Loa

    Patch Notes [2018-07-01]

    Great update, good work guys <3
  9. Loa

    Patch Notes [2018-06-17]

    Woo higher level headgear ~ thanks guys
  10. oh yeah nice XD i'll be there
  11. Loa

    Patch Notes [2018-06-09]

    Great patch, mate ~thanks for the hard work!
  12. Loa

    Server Reopening Date

    Yes I would very much appreciate that ... my folder is a mess now not to mention the many past bugs. A brand new, up to date installer would be awesome~ty