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  1. Bluescreens

    Web Couple Request System

    I saw this... and had a freak-out moment. :P
  2. Bluescreens

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 401 IGN: Whacks Doing Episode Questies :3
  3. If I could just add my input, I feel like the online marketplace is unique and has made this server more fun to play on. Not to mention, it's a useful way to buy/sell items without needing to leave your computer online all of the time. I frequently find myself dropping off of the game just to put my items onto the online bank because I can use that (online) bank anytime, anywhere (and as a power-type, I need to save my limited weight for potions). And then I'll put my extra quest items on there because I know what it's like to need one or two more of something just to get the last sticker for a key quest. I'd like to think you'd re-consider closing the open sales on the control panel on your website, just because it's a unique and helpful system to plays which separates this server from the others. But, it's understandable as to why it's getting removed. Unless you find the exact same coder to help maintain the site's marketplace funtion... I just liked selling in-game items like GM tickets, daily coupons, and eggs without much effort on my part. :sweatdrop:
  4. Bluescreens

    Daily Diary Event (July)

    Diary No. 80 IGN: Whacks We had an X/O Event last Saturday, and the announcement kept going 2 times after the event already started and everybody there lol'd at it... :B
  5. Bluescreens

    Trickster Annoyance Remover

    That's helpful, and a nice idea. I feel like basic detection is definitely the most annoying sound, mostly because it doesn't mute... It's funny that this is a private server focused on classic Trickster Online and we are modding the server to our liking.
  6. Bluescreens

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No. 39 IGN: Whacks Reminded of humble beginnings, I listened to a "phat" cat Moderator and declared my love of carrots.