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  1. I am getting EE at my Fox since I've tryed to send a mail at mega bank. The error happens when I try to loggin at the final screen, loggin in the game. All my other character are "working" fine and I have patched the last file with the map move fail error.
  2. I don't know if it is happening only with me but every time I try to check the profile of someone that is using a purple cape I get EE.
  3. gatogalatico

    Piercing Wave

    I would like to suggest a range increase at this skill, Piercing Wave, the current range is too short, you almost need to be at meele range.
  4. gatogalatico

    Conversation with NPC cancelled

    After this last patch its unable to enter Tutankhamen trial's because when you talk to Bastet the conversation is cancelled. I know we are allow to enter the trial within any level now but it seems that is not the problem since m y character is level 83 and I have the required itens to enter.
  5. Its currently possible to drill Expensive Film, Animal Bone and Glass piece at Caballa Relis Field 4 and compound Golden Lens, even though there is no Altiverse quest.
  6. gatogalatico

    Allowing Splash.exe through firewall

    Thanks for the guide I had the same problem.
  7. gatogalatico

    Myshop Enhance

    It would be very usefull if we could choose the among of itens we are going to buy at Myshop. For example: Instead of buying 10 nates bottle one by one, select the number of itens and buy all of them at once.