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  1. minaq

    [Mint] @Tapasco

    Same issue here in Techichi, neo equipment become normal set as well.
  2. minaq

    Game won't launch anymore :(

    Thanks @Gunna ! it's back now
  3. Hey guys, i played this game since days, never had any problems, but today it won't launch anymore, it stay on the login screen after enter my ID&PW, and there's no error window or message shows up. I have already excluded the game and the game's folder from my antivirus, i restarted my PC and relaunched it, but only to see the same issue happen again. Anybody help please ?
  4. minaq

    Don danihen bug

    There is a bug in Underground Dev Room, sometimes we can't find NPC, like Don danihen, same as other NPC in system room yesterday, can anyone fix it ? Please check the screenshot below.