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  1. Diary No 209 IGN: Piechu Drilling as always and getting some nice lvls
  2. Diary No 197 IGN: Violete zzZzzZzz -drilling-
  3. Diary No. 186 IGN: Violete Doing some daily hunting
  4. Diary No. 179 IGN: Violete Drilling, drilling, drilling! At least I get some nice cash
  5. Diary No. 166 IGN: Ruki Aaaand my bunny aswell doing the same thing as all my other 10000000 chars. Drilling! I am so lazy!
  6. Diary No. 154 IGN: Meshe Aaaand my kitty needs that driller girl , so here she is! I afk drill with 4 chars
  7. Diary No. 142 IGN: Piechu Drilling on my sheepy aswell. Need driller boys on her, so lemme win some pls
  8. Diary No. 129 IGN: Violete OMG it's been ages that I was active. Welp.. guess who is back drilling again? ME! Yes ME!
  9. Diary no. 53 IGN: Violete Well sadly can`t play much. Missing alot of diary days
  10. Diary No. 31 Violete Welp no luck with Tenter pet so i gave up No time to farm money. Too busy irl
  11. Diary no. 14 IGN: Violete Shops, shops, shops...ZzZzZz good night
  12. Diary No.361 Violete Checking out shops
  13. Diary No. 350 Violete No time to play much sadly
  14. Diary No. 341 Violete Checking out shops
  15. Diary no. 310 IGN: Violete Finally driller boy died. Time to be more lazy