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  1. Emi

    Daily Diary Event (November)

    Diary no. 53 IGN: Violete Well sadly can`t play much. Missing alot of diary days
  2. Emi

    Daily Diary Event (November)

    Diary No. 31 Violete Welp no luck with Tenter pet so i gave up No time to farm money. Too busy irl
  3. Emi

    Daily Diary Event (November)

    Diary no. 14 IGN: Violete Shops, shops, shops...ZzZzZz good night
  4. Diary No.361 Violete Checking out shops
  5. Diary No. 350 Violete No time to play much sadly
  6. Diary No. 341 Violete Checking out shops
  7. Diary no. 310 IGN: Violete Finally driller boy died. Time to be more lazy
  8. Diary No. 284 IGN: Violete Guess what I am doing!?
  9. Diary No: 265 IGN: Violete Drilling for my sheepy
  10. Yeah yeah! Gimme patch for me birthday!! 29th @Raymonf
  11. Diary No.241 Violete The item is here!!!!! ^ PS: Today is my birthday!! PARTY!! PPS: Thank you @Badfish for all these nice gifts. Looking all fancy thanks to you
  12. Emi

    Hello, everyone!

    Hello!! Happy you joined us I hope you will enjoy your time here and no worries, I think most people are on discord anyways. If you have any questions ask here or on discord. Have fun
  13. Diary No. 226 IGN: Violete zzZzzzZz good morning
  14. Emi

    Hello, Nostalgia everywhere!

    Hello!! Welcome and enjoy your stay!! Well you could try to just write in the forum for more questions on how to build a class. Since there are so many people here with different classes. Or the fastes way is to use our discord! Alot of people are online and help you asap. Just ask anything you want to know and I am sure some people will give you the rigth answers. Glad to have you hear!!
  15. Diary no. 207 IGN: Violete Good morning Trickster!! *yaaaawwwwns* And back to the mines