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  1. Sure, why not. I just want those negative DA weapons for my fox
  2. Diary No. 17 IGN: TwiceDenKatt Just going through the last few days of slavery. Also made it to lv400 a couple days ago
  3. Method: Social Media (Facebook)/GoogleKeyword: Nope / Trickster Online private serverDetails: The guild I was a part of in another TO server (Astro Blitz) has a fb group, a guildie posted a link to the server there, but I just checked it quickly and didn't bother downloading. Then I found out more about the server on google and decided to hop in, since one of them was still playing it.
  4. Diary No. 621 IGN: TwiceDenKatt Another 15 days of slavery began, this time I brought some bling to the slave pit.
  5. Diary No. 580 IGN: ThriceBitten Made it to 269, and tm395 a little while ago, from afk drilling
  6. Diary No. 504 IGN: ThriceBitten Item detector found NO ITEMS. OH NO! THE MINES DRIED UP!
  7. Diary No. 479 IGN: ThriceBitten MOAR afk drilling slaving, and it got me to lv240
  8. Diary No. 434 IGN: ThriceBitten Ran into a fellow slave while in the slave pit today
  9. Diary No. 405 IGN: ThriceBitten Just. 11. More. Days. Of. Slavery... inthispit. And I also volunteered my lion from the test server to pose as a model for the 4g guns
  10. Diary No. 369 IGN: TwiceDenKatt I got the hat I wanted~ too bad it doesn't look as good as I expected with 1st job.
  11. Diary No. 339 IGN: ThriceBitten Pushed one of my characters into the slave pit
  12. Diary No. 290 IGN: TwiceDenKatt / TwiceBitten Today I got to lv380 on beefcat, got a shard in harkon AND got a guardian on my edgelord
  13. I think lightning strike stuns even if it misses so either remove the stun, lower the duration by a lot, or somehow make it not stun when it misses or change to a chance to stun when it hits.
  14. Diary No. 258 IGN: TwiceDenKatt With Neil Camp released, I could finish the rest of 'The Story of the Gods' quests from Eclipse
  15. GM nerf lightning strike plz. Dunno if devs have the files or if they're compatible with the current client Would be nice to have lightning strike and rain of knives, tho. Tenter spear with attr is kinda pointless without it, if you don't count normal attacks.