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    Sorry, I forgot to check back! abluecorridor: Sure, I'm doing rose garden/vamp castle quests right now, but I'm really slow ;w; haven't been on much lately. I like your art, btw ^^ momokoto: Thanks!
  2. 1. Basics: What name do you go by? How old are you, and what timezone are you in? GuineaPiggy/Vicky, and Kielie in-game. I'm in my early 30s. -5 GMT. 2. When did you start Trickster? When did you start playing on this server? I played briefly in 2006 so I had to relearn how to play recently, lol. I started on this server about 2 weeks ago. 3. What's your favorite class and why? Right now it's Sheep. I've always had a fascination with witches and magic! 4. Which set is cosmetically your favorite? I guess the set from Mermaid palace? I'm also thinking about getting the MyShop 3rd job Sheep fashion set that's pink and yellow (forgot the number). 5. What do you usually do on Trickster? I'm mostly a loner who's too scared to party because I take things really slow, haha. I also really like questing and try to complete all the quests in one area before moving on to the next (unless they're too long or tedious). 6. Do you have any goals in this game? Doing most of the quests and looking pretty~ 7. Did/do you look up to anyone ingame? Not yet. 8. Other than gaming, do you have other hobbies? I like drawing and making comics :) or looking up cute animals on the interwebz.
  3. GuineaPiggy

    Favorite games? (other than T.O)

    I mostly enjoy open world and/or sandboxy games, or ones with a good story. Here are my biggest faves (in no particular order): -Maple Story (pre-big bang) -Sims 3 -Minecraft -Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 3 -Stardew Valley -Don't Starve -Spore -The Dog Island -Undertale
  4. GuineaPiggy


    Hi! I'm GuineaPiggy, but I go by Kielie in-game (named after one of my characters). I played official Trickster briefly in '06 and was sad to see it gone when I decided to try it again recently. I found this private server through reddit and I really like it so far. I mostly work on comics, but I hop from game to game when I'm bored. I really wanted to play Trickster again because I remember loving the music and artwork Nice to meet you! (P.S. Can I go by GuineaPiggy on the discord or does it have to be my actual in-game name? xD)