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  1. Method: Google Keywords: Trickster online server Details: I have a level 180 character on rTO and i was thinking of getting back into Trickster but i decided to search the web in case there was a better server available. I was attracted by LifeTO and its no pay to win style.
  2. Diary no. 540 Umme Grinding Gold.
  3. Diary no. 492 Umme Just doing daily quests.
  4. Diary no. 436 Umme Certified lvl 300+ Trickster.
  5. Diary no. 385 Umme Questing.
  6. Diary no. 332 Umme Getting stronger by the day.
  7. Diary no.307 Umme The trees in Snow Hill town hit me?!?!
  8. Diary no. 287 Umme Hit trees in Lap.
  9. Diary no. 261 Umme Spoke to a frog while getting ambushed by a pack of drunk polar bears.
  10. Diary no. 236 Umme Got some petite hammers.
  11. Diary no. 209 Umme Got lots of Snow Hill quest items.
  12. Diary no. 181 Umme Questing in Snow Hill with The Mighty Degrimm.
  13. Diary no. 154 Umme Empathising with my soul seed for my guardian.
  14. Diary no. 123 Umme Got my empathy potions ready.
  15. Diary no. 95 Umme Fought Tut.