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  1. Actually i think i'll go on hiatus. I'm losing interest and motivation so i think it's best if i stay away for a while.

    Thanks for understanding.

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    2. Kumomi


      I wish you well on your journey. We are all happy to welcome you when the time comes :) 

    3. Kaio


      Awww, that's okay. I hope you get better soon. :3 <3

    4. Sky


      See you again soon!~ :cute:

  2. StellarCeleste

    Meme and GIF War

  3. Haha sorry for being inactive af school is kicking my butt and will continue until summer vacation

  4. StellarCeleste


    Hi there! Oh and really? how was pre-shutdown Trickster like?
  5. StellarCeleste

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No.92 IGN: DreamingDorothy Not a lot happened. I finished some quests and no i do not regret spending 50,000 on Don Giuvani's tear even though i'm broke af now. (Seriously that much over a single tear?)
  6. StellarCeleste

    xin's gallery! (updated june 22)

    Good luck drawing all the details!
  7. StellarCeleste

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No.78 IGN: DreamingDorothy I got bored of doing Mermaid Palace quests so i continued on with the story. I know i'm too old for this, but i really wanna ride it! Then again, nobody's looking...
  8. StellarCeleste

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No.61 IGN: DreamingDorothy Today was pretty busy and i wasn't really in the mood for Trickster so i didn't really progress that much in Mermaid Palace. At least i got one sticker. Awful. You're so vain and delusional so you're also ugly in the inside. 0/5 Stars.
  9. StellarCeleste

    Get to know each other! (questionnaire)

    1) What name do you go by? How old are you? What timezone are you in? Dorothy, 16 years old, GMT +8 2) When did you start Trickster? When did you start playing trickster? Ever since May. LifeTO is actually my first time in Trickster...and MMOs in general. 3) What is your favorite class and why? I didn't really get to play the other classes but i love the sheep. it's so customisable and versatile! 4) Which set is cosmetically your favorite? The mermaid set. at least the headgear doesn't cover all the hair. 5) What do you usually so in Trickster? What every other newbie player does. try to progress the story. 6) Do you have any goals in this game? Join a guild, make friends, and maybe become popular enough to have inside jokes made about me. 7) Do you look up to anyone in game? No. 8) Other than gaming, do you have any other hobbies? I like to watch shows and browse the internet.
  10. StellarCeleste

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No.44 IGN: DreamingDorothy Just made it to Mermaid Palace and it's so beautiful! a nice change of pace from Oops Wharf's hauntingly depressing atmosphere. And there's also plenty of TM Quests for me to dig in. time to plan out the future of my skills! Also, i found this pretty statue!
  11. StellarCeleste

    Self-Indulgent Shipping Art

    (In light of Pride Month I personally headcanon Mico/The Sheep as a lesbian)
  12. StellarCeleste

    Favorite games? (other than T.O)

    SAAMMEE! Though it's been a while since i last played Stardew Valley. (I'm so sorry Harvey i still love you)
  13. StellarCeleste


    Fellow sheep lover? ayy! I just adore how customisable and versatile they are!
  14. StellarCeleste

    Art and Cats

    Wow, your art is pretty good! We could use more artists in the community!