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    kitty 190 earring

    Hello, i just had a quick question regarding the kitty earring 190, i have collected every single item for the set and now im confused because i am trying to get the earring but no luck. i looked into the wiki but it is asking for a specific ingame NPC but i cant seem to find it. So my question is if the kitty earring 190 is obtained from a box or from the NPC? thanks in advance!
  2. oldrustylol

    kitty 190 earring

    Yes, I am fully aware of that sprint, which is the one i currently have. But I am talking about the Kitty Earring 190 to complete the Kitty Krew 190 Set. http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Kitty_Earring_190.html