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    Caballa Island Cosplay

    Name: Cheo Entry Number: 4 Name of NPC: Pastor Tau
  2. Chelle

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    Name: Chelle Entry Number: 24
  3. Diary No.: #339IGN: Mikey omg some ppl actually bought waifus...
  4. Diary No.: #332IGN: Strawbby need more driller slaves for alts
  5. Diary No.: #323IGN: Shelly too am also waiting for more driller boys/grils
  6. Diary No.: #312IGN: Mikey finally got draconic set for my lion!! (completed in one day thanks to @Yohhsteve and @Coon) WEEEEEEE
  7. Diary No.: #303IGN: Mikey waiting for new boxes before i burn my money on gacha
  8. Diary No.: #294IGN: Chelle happy that we're harkon-ing again
  9. Diary No.: #286IGN: Chelle @Yohhsteve let me borrow his hyena hairband... now i have to gacha for mine!!!
  10. Diary No.: #266IGN: Chelle GM certs going straight up Spicy's booty
  11. Diary No.: #226IGN: Chelle @Yohhsteve giving me too much credit !!! came on and was surrounded by colorful cuties
  12. Diary No.: #215IGN: Chelle rip best hat fashion god Bren 2019
  13. Diary No.: #204IGN: Chelle waiting for @Yohhsteve to finish his hw and come edumacate me
  14. Diary No.: #180IGN: Shelly super bummed today
  15. Diary No.: #159IGN: Chelle Valentine's weekend got me mia but idk how i got here... this isn't where I belong