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  1. IGN: Julian Entry Type: Digital Description: I recently got a drawing tablet so I drew one of my favorite character designs, the 3rd job dragon~ I haven't been on in a while since I started my first job out of uni, but I plan to play more often once I get my shit together If anyone is curious, I use Clip Studio w/ the "Round Brush" asset! Reference picture
  2. Diary No. 594 IGN: Julian Today I finished farming enough cards to make a legendary guardian! I've never had a guardian before, so hopefully I don't mess anything up
  3. After I accidentally capitalized one of the characters for my account's ID, I was still able to login to my account (i.e. if my ID was "username," "Username" or "usernamE" would both yield a successful login, assuming I typed my password correctly). On the other hand, password fields are correctly checking for case sensitivity.