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  1. hello today I come bring more ideas to bring the game back active, let's start before starting I will leave a topic, with my ideas if you want to share or comment to help, let's start 1°Eclipse Gacha Fashion / Exchanges in NPC that such agent remove the Eclipse Gacha Fashion, and use it as an NPC trading event, which would give many different events each month, and let the Daily Diary routine that the only thing to gain is to enter and speak What are you doing ? and sending a photo? this will not help players stay online again, example 2° Bring back battles in PVP How about putting the active PVP! As ? putting the spicy boss in the garden put the Spicy appear every 1 or 2 hours to appear inside the pvp this will bring back the players lv 400 back active, motivating to get the teams of the bosses and gathering their guild to duel with other Clans, this will make the level 400 players return to play, since many stop because they did not have PVP because they reached their maximum goal on the server, thus increasing Spicy's endurance status. we can add in each of the spicy boxes 60% drop every 1 3° Time for you to start earning ADM we see that your job is hard Sky, it's time for you to profit from it, SKY - how can I do this? placing an ad on the control panel and Vip How will the VIP work? the vip serar within the control panel every month will be charged a fee for players who want to sell their items through the dashboard, this will help players lucar with MS or coins, we also see that the exchange of Bals is very devalued, I know it is a donation, but it is time for you to increase the exchange rate so that players can donate by making a profit with the return of the bals, 4° Sale of boxer driller boy and girl It's time to put the bandage on the boxer and the girl, bring a great cormecio to those who do the daily coupon quest, 5° Drop Chronos Chard in PVP as well as the spicy, we can put the chronos in the Core Duel arena to appear in the interval of every 2 or 3 hours that will still move the PVP, but increasing the resistance of the cronos to the battle to last longer. this is one of my ideas, I will post more when there is some feedback from the Administrator, leave your Like and your comment, it will be very important to see your opinion, thank you
  2. ginik2

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 12 Cabuloso checking the stores to see if there is anything interesting
  3. ginik2

    Daily Diary Event (December)

    Diary No. 7 Cabuloso I'm in the city that brings me great memories.
  4. ginik2

    NPC item exchanges in Coral Town

    this will not bring back the players, and neither will cheer the new ones who want to start playing lifeto.co
  5. ginik2

    NPC item exchanges in Coral Town

    this arcane fall on the boss will make no difference you have to activate the server with the NPC to exchange reasonable items and not that amount of nonsense!
  6. ginik2

    NPC item exchanges in Coral Town

    Tell me one thing I do not know any guys who made this elixir exchange and none of the photos that the exchange they put was, it was totally absurd almost impossible, I want them to value more exchanges with falling items, but in that amount of Absurd items you have to have to dril and catch! I want you to focus on NPC exchanges at strategic points, 1 month NPC is in paradise with the map falls from that region, and another month poppuri dungeon, focusing finally on the game to play and not be afk drill.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm back in action when I stopped playing in life, stopped because I had already completed my goal like many of you. I'm also back to playing lifeto with the hope that the server has evolved, but it's still the same thing Well, I have seen some new things in the service, but I found it unnecessary and almost impossible to achieve, in this topic I want to give some suggestions, because I think I can help the server, I believe that the others should agree with me 1st I saw that they added an NPC la in Coral Town-Blooming Cora I saw that we can make exchange for Elixir Pink / Elixir Amethyst But this trading item is very tiring because, you have to drill leaving the afk drill bills and other valuations killing monsters, this will leave users bored, it is easier to get an account up to lv 360 in 2 days and get 20 pink elixir / ametistas de elixir, instead of trying to get these items that alias you only win 1 pink elixir or amentis I want to leave some items for negotiation with NPC, Elixir/Amethyst Elixir Pink Why did I choose these items? I chose not because it is easy, but because it is a strategic point located in the paradise city, where every beginner has to start playing his mission, seeing that in this point of view many play focused in an area, this also helps the new players get motivated and begin their sales soon sedo being able to release these items for sale the amount 25 each, we know that the compound does not run well, we have to redo everything again. 2 º In this second topic, we have the photos, you can only be joking that each photo costs 10 card hunter, this is almost impossible I have already created more than 50 accounts to be able to get arcana card making girl card just to try to get these photos , in the middle I saw that it would take almost half of my life to be able to take the set of goddesses, and I see no advantage that this does not attract new players, but the accounts created by the same users that already play until buying equipment. n this topic I have no idea of any intem, but this way it is impossible to at least can reduce the amount of 10 card hunte to 2 I have many ideas for life. I'll be creating other topics to help with the service. I hope you see the good side, because we see that we are with few users, and I do not want the server to close, I want the guys to come back active and stay in making changes with the NPC that is possible.
  8. ginik2

    Daily Diary Event (November)

    Diário Número 94 IGN Cabuloso Estou Cavando
  9. Hi, I'm reporting that I'm coming back to play, but when I went to look at the panel to update my password, one of my accounts disappeared from the panel, I do not know how it happened. but I have access to it, but not on the dashboard. posting the impressions of the information, I hope to be able to help me! I can not unlock the lock see that is the email I use, at least I wanted to reset the password lock, but I do not read
  10. ginik2

    Daily Diary Event (November)

    Diary no. 43 IGN: Cabuloso Estou atras dessas fotos
  11. ginik2

    Daily Diary Event (August)

    Diary No. 58IGN: Cabuloso today we decided to fish
  12. ginik2

    Online Counter Issue

    in this emergency maintenance, comes the new boxes
  13. ginik2

    Daily Diary Event (August)

    Diary No. 9 IGN: Cabuloso I was invited to eat a fish, but he spoiled the fish
  14. ginik2

    Pet event reward

    Where do I come back?