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  1. Breno

    Caballa Island Cosplay

    Name: Bren (raccoon) AkashaH (cat) Dazzle (dragon) Aerithz (sheep) Lanaya (fox) Entry Number: 5 Name of NPC: ???
  2. Breno

    No Mail for reaching Level 120

    There is no reward for level 120.
  3. Diary No. 336 Aerithz This sheep is stalking me, i swear.
  4. Diary No. 326 AkashaH More daily quests. Ready to drill !!
  5. Diary No. 316 AkashaH Chilling till i get a driller boy..
  6. Diary No. 309 Aerithz I changed fashion and fused everything. Just chilling at caballa with the best dragon ever.
  7. Diary No. 298 AkashaH This poor cat can't drill yet, so she just stay there to provide that sweet EXP bonus of Royal Party.
  8. Diary No. 291 Aerithz Finally done with alts PQ/card quests/3rd job quest, now they'll be drillers till 400 ^^ Got tons of CF's/certs/eggs/nika/arcanas
  9. Diary No. 285 Aerithz One more char
  10. Diary No. 265 Breno Helping a new player to get badge
  11. Diary No. 249 Aerithz More alts, more CF's
  12. Diary No. 239 Aerithz Leveling alts and getting some CF's