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  1. Oi! minha nova guilda está recrutando. * - Forza Brasileira - * A língua principal é o português, mas também temos membros ingleses, turcos e coreanos. Se você quiser participar, você deve ser mínimo Lvl 300 mas também aceitamos níveis baixos se você quiser apenas se divertir. Nós nos consideramos uma Guilda PvP / GvG, mas também temos um forte desejo de participar da Harkon Defense e da Fiesta. :3 Se você quiser se juntar, PM me!
  2. Congrats to shanny! So luckyyyyy Wish i had that amount of LUCk
  3. JúliaBR

    Fiesta Suggestion (Lvl 400, end game Fiesta)

    Nice idea! I hope implement soon
  4. OIII Julia here 8D. I have a suggestion about FIESTA ! :3 Since its rarely attended by us The player, I was thinking of giving it a unique Function :3 So. Here it is !~ Make the Monsters in the lvl 400 Fiesta arena, Drop itens like REPAIR POWNDER, GM CERTIFICATE, AMETHYST ELIXIR, etc. So players can make good use of the Fiesta. And also organise their day to attend the Fiesta twice. TOUGH PART: ALSO MAKE THE AREA PK ENABLED, SO ONLY DETERMINED PEOPLE GET BENEFITIONED FROM IT . Sorry for bad english.
  5. JúliaBR

    Eclipse's Gacha Fashion

    Niceeeeeeeee thanks for updating 8D Fuses are always much more important than actual gameplay S2!!!! Tyyyyyyyy
  6. JúliaBR

    Phantom Dungeon problems

    Hi Moderating Team . Phantom Dungeon Problems: 1. Drop rate is super low compared to the old version. 2. Players are allowed to spam resurrection scrolls when they die, making the PvP fights endless. Please Fix! Lita
  7. JúliaBR

    Phantom Dungeon Revival

    Sky the Phantom Dungeon poll looks pretty one sided, can u make it happen right now so we can farm more for roan boxes? 8D some of us start school on monday :c
  8. JúliaBR

    Phantom Dungeon Revival

    omg this seems scary LMAO but funny at the same time 8D ~ LitaaaTheLightSheepS2!
  9. Diary no. 13 IGN: L_S2_i_S2_t_S2_a thinking of what to do today lmao probs gloom idk
  10. JúliaBR

    Patch Notes [2018-08-06]

    thanks sky ! nice patch :3
  11. Hi! I'm LitaaaTheLightSheepS2!. Today I bring you a Support Light Witch Guide, focused on supporting your friends/party members. Before I start, let me introduce you to myself!~ I LOVE the Support class and I play it on all games! I usually reach high ranks on the games I play (Solo Queueing) mainly because I know how to prioritize my cooldowns, targets and other mechanics the game may have. So let's begin with the guide! 8D 4 Sense : Go 4 Sense if you plan to play the LK game vs other mages.I don't like it because I don't really like fighting other people. 4 Charm: This is my favorite build for Support Light Witch, because your main focus is not to die to keep your teammates alive 8D. Hybrid (3 sense 2 charm/ 3 charm 2 sense): NO. Always go pure MA. I like running Water - Thunder as a Support Light Witch. It has all the CC and damage you need to fight. Fire- Thunder: No. Wind- Water: No. Earth: No. As a Support Light Witch, your focus is to keep everyone fully healed and cured from diseases. YOUR JOB IS NOT TO KILL ENEMIES. Of course you can help by doing some damage, but only when all your party members are 100% healed. Main Skills ~ The 2 most important skills are Electro Attack and Heart's Grace. Why? Those will keep your enemies stunned forever then you can spam heals on your party members. I have carried many GvG matches and Harkon Defenses in the past only by healing and surviving attacks! ️ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 50k+HP, 2k MA. NOT RECOMMENDED: All MA. Having both High HP and MA will allow you to survive all the time. If they destroy your Shield of Heaven you'll be able to tank a few hits so you can recast Shield of Heaven again. That's it for now Tricksters! I'll be updating the guide regularly as new content is released. 8D Thanks all for reading! ~LitaaaTheLightSheepS2!
  12. JúliaBR

    b>some fuses ♡

    hi i'm b> innocent glasses, sky blue ribbon and heart face painting ♡ pls pm me here! or u can do ingame if u want ty bb ~LitaaaTheLightSheepS2!
  13. JúliaBR

    O/X Quiz [2018-07-28]

    o omg this event seems so cool im so happy u r doing these events would love to have new fuses added to the game :'^( ~ LitaaaTheLightSheepS2!