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  1. DireQuire

    Daily Coupon Guide

    how do you get the game to be in that resolution?
  2. DireQuire

    50% Experience Bonus

    so is the 50% xp only for the new characters or new players?
  3. DireQuire

    Favorite games? (other than T.O)

    Aside from AC: O and Civ VI, I don't have any other games on my PC. I usually play on my PS4. Currently trying to get Plat with Monster Hunter.
  4. Come back tomorrow for the grand opening. :)
  5. They're slowly wiping it away in getting ready for the official reopening on June 2.
  6. DireQuire

    Small Spelling change

    Lol. Won't be a dark Lord in the main server. The quest items for it will take forever. Thanks once again.
  7. It's supposed to be "then" instead of "than". All the Tribunal Messengers have this typo. And thanks Sky for fixing that ??? Quest. Now I'm a Dark Lord.
  8. Tried going from the top direction and there's no secret passageway.
  9. I can't find the small door to get the ??? Suspicious Request, that will give me the dark alexandrite. Which I will need to change job to Dark Lord. As far as memory serves, it is supposed to be here.
  10. Well, I think it is just something easy. This conversation with the Sergeant is I think broken codes. But everyone knows it is a Mimic hunt, and the quest works even with this error in the quest conversation.
  11. DireQuire

    Magic Stones Sorting

    actually please implement the sorting not just with the stone but also with the rest of myshop, (e.g. sets and equips)
  12. DireQuire

    Magic Stones Sorting

    If the magic stones for compounding can be sorted in myshop, it would be very helpful.
  13. DireQuire

    Your most NOOB moment

    Massacred and hunted almost to extinction Golden Moles and Super Golden Moles because I was looking for the Golden Mole Vest. Why did they have to name it after Golden Mole anyway?
  14. Indeed it is back again. Penny for thoughts, do you think this might have been caused by some people that were still inside the boss dungeons before the maintenance? I was insides a boss dungeon when i was disconnected for maintenance.
  15. Just probably a minor typo. But the Thermal Pouch says it can be used by level 30 and over. But in fact, it can only be used by level 40 and over.