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    Ugliest Trickster Contest

    Name: Beefalo Entry Number: 30
  2. Serushi

    Longer buff durations.

    In my opinion, all of the buff times on characters are too short. If you have a buff based character, such as magic or charm, the current buff times can present a great annoyance — thus, I propose a change to buff durations. I would personally love to see them unlimited (map changing aside), but I feel a duration of 30+ minutes for each buff would be pretty good and fair.
  3. Serushi

    Trickster Annoyance Remover

    I think some of the sounds in Trickster are unique, and I like having the sounds on for that reason. However, some sounds (especially some skills) drive me ABSOLUTELY insane and usually forces me to mute the sounds in places like PvP. I just finished manually going through each and every sound and did a batch mute process for the ones that were too loud or just plain annoying (looking at you, Basic Detection). I decided to share this with you guys, some of you may find it useful. Download links: Basic Version (minimal muting of sound effects — includes muting of galder coupons, potion effects, and certain skill sounds). Optional Files (descriptions of what each optional file does can be found below). Full Version (combines the basic version with all the optional files for easy overwrite). Installation: Unzip it somewhere, and drag the data folder from the "LTO Annoyance Remover" folder into your LifeTO folder. It'll ask if you wish to merge folders and replace files, hit allow/yes for everything. You'll have to repeat this process each time LifeTO has an update. Uninstallation: Check files on the launcher. Done. Optional Files: Better Potion Sounds (I lowered the sounds for potions by 25% and upped the sound effect by one octave). Emoji Sound Remover (Your ears will thank you during events). Drilling SE Removal (Removes the sound your drill makes while drilling, so it doesn't sound like a woodpecker is smashing against your head. Also removes the lightbulb and annoyed sound effect when you find/don't find an item). Less Creepy Sounds (Mutes the creepiest ambient sounds, most noticeably found in caves. Spoops aren't as much). If anybody has any suggestions or requests, I'll be more than happy to hear them out!
  4. The skills in question: Boxer: Clinch Release Buffalo: Lightning Strike Sheep: Elemental Boost Dragon: Revival Fox: Rain of Knives Lion: Speedloader Cat: Aura Shatter Raccoon: Mass Destruction Some skills are certainly not as useful, while others may be considered a bit too powerful. I think they should be added and tweaked accordingly if possible, but I'd love to hear what everybody else thinks about it too.
  5. Serushi

    Manually adjusting chat bar/window

    Thanks for the guide, Twice! I have a res similar as yours (1366x768), so it's very helpful. I made it so that the chat bar stretches all the way across, here's the edited file for download. Here's the code if you just prefer that: iViewDimX = 892 iViewDimY = 22 iEditBoxDimX = 816 iEditBoxDimY = 18 iEditBoxCoordX = 58 iEditBoxCoordY = 3 iEditBoxMinDimX = 698 iEditBoxMinDimY = 18 iEditBoxMinCoordX = 176 iEditBoxMinCoordY = 3 iComboBoxDimX = 116 iComboBoxDimY = 18 iComboBoxCoordX = 58 iComboBoxCoordY = 3 iEmoticonBtnCoordX = 5 iEmoticonBtnCoordY = 5 iMemoBtnCoordX = 22 iMemoBtnCoordY = 5 iWhisperBtnCoordX = 40 iWhisperBtnCoordY = 5 iCloseBtnCoordX = 875 iCloseBtnCoordY = 6 iStatViewDimX = 890 iStatViewDimY = 78 iStatViewMaxDimX = 890 iStatViewMaxDimY = 478 iModeButtonDimX = 178 iModeButtonDimY = 18 iDummyModeButtonDimX = 177 iDummyModeButtonDimY = 18 You'll have to shave the values off by 6px each where you edited them originally if want it to fit your screen, but here's what it looks like anyway:
  6. Diary no. 178 Beefalo Blessing the rains of Africa RN~ ;o;
  7. Diary no. 23 Vith 2nd job~
  8. I am a baby after all~ :3
  9. You can't abuse it in PvP now anyway with the nerf, so don't worry about it.
  10. Very strong depending on the RNG, same with SoH. Sounds like you need more AP too, it scales better with Magical Soul. Can hit 200k with it easy in PvP if you know how to build around it without sacrificing MA as much.
  11. But that's why like elemental resist and rust exists or smth.
  12. I'd rather not point fingers, but I'm certain other people can attest to it happening to them too. It happened to one of your guild members yesterday, as a matter of fact. AoEs don't bother me, those are fair play. Mistakes happen too, like you said. This is why we can't have nice things. :(
  13. I understand where you're coming from, but there's not a lot of good solutions unfortunately. I feel for the people that lost it for legitimate reasons. My main problem with it would be some mages would use it as a troll tactic; using it to steal mobs from either the mines (people don't like to share) or shadow mobs as it was being attacked (mainly melee blocks preventing it from being tagged).
  14. Gotta get that cash money so I can actually harkon, weak as a baby rn.
  15. You have a valid point, but blocking was never intended in the first place. What we need are more participants, honestly. The skill isn't PvP exclusive though. Just because somebody doesn't PvP now, doesn't mean they won't later. I haven't seen complaints, just arguments why the nerf is a good idea.
  16. Use wind for harkon? Bubble is an AoE? Also, if a tree falls in the woods and you're not around, does it still make a sound? :thonking:
  17. Or Ray could add a skill called Warrior's Soul for powers, same concept as bubble except it bypasses SoH and DB.
  18. I think the nerf should remain, especially since great Trickster Set gives out a decent amount of AP. A lot of people would use magical soul to be jerks, for the sake of tagging mainly — an issue when it came to the mines.
  19. Method: Reddit Keyword: r/Trickster Details: Was looking for a Trickster private server that was different from rTO. Found LifeTO was opening, decided to give it a try. Glad I did!
  20. Serushi

    LifeTO Web Updates

    Love all the updates!
  21. With the gloom farm and mining, I'd say BAL needs a much higher exchange rate — as it stands, 1:2 is low. I feel a 1:4 or 1:5 ratio would be perfect; this would give people a lot more incentive to donate. If it wasn't for the gloom/ore farm I'd say it was a bad idea, but there's plenty of opportunities in the game to gather enough galder with time to convert into myshop for the things you need.
  22. Diary no. 531 Serushi Just need some Sea Anemone Juice, and I'll be finished event collecting for myself and guild~!
  23. Diary no. 511 Beefalo MOAR card farm~!
  24. Diary no. 488 Beefalo Matured my soul seed~ #BasicDigrimmBestDigrimmForLooks
  25. Serushi

    Re-colour Suggestions Thread (Fashion)