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  1. Do most people even remember what their PC setups were back when they first began playing the game? Was it only capable of low-end games like Trickster back in the day? Did you upgrade it just so you could play Trickster more? Was it overkill and the best rig money could buy back in the day? I'm asking because my gaming PC recently died a horrible death (short-circuit) and I had to go back to the only available PC I had which is the exact same PC I used when I first and last played the Official Trickster Online. This thing was dusty but not too shavy, it just can't run anything that uses OpenGL 2.0 and up until I get it a new GPU but still you would be surprised with everything it can do! Back in 2006 this Pentium 4 with 2Gb of RAM and its integrated graphics was good enough for a lot, it had a 9500 GT installed in 2008 and even then I was still coming back to Trickster but I gave it (the 9500) away when I bought an entire new PC which is the one now dead and buried. Wanna share your old rig stories and setups?
  2. ArkStrike

    How did you learn about LifeTO?

    Method: Google Keywords: Trickster Online Details: This private server wasn't the first option of the list, I think it was right after Playtrickster and I got all the info I needed from r/trickster
  3. ArkStrike

    Catching up with everyone

    Happy to have you back, Sky! The game is not the same without you
  4. ArkStrike

    Monster Hunter Quests and Bosses

    I got 1st place in like 3 or 4 Monster Quests ◕‿◕✿
  5. ArkStrike

    Monster Hunter Quests and Bosses

    Well that would take time and reaching everybody is too difficult. It's a suggestion and for the time being I think it would be best to see if it's even possible to do it so we don't get anybody too hyped prematurely.
  6. ArkStrike

    Monster Hunter Quests and Bosses

    Take a closer look at this screenshot that I posted (◕‿◕✿)
  7. ArkStrike

    Monster Hunter Quests and Bosses

    Also, I'm sure nobody even looks at the scores but heck yeah beat that score! Mana Storm for the win!
  8. ArkStrike

    Monster Hunter Quests and Bosses

    It kinda bums me out that the hunting monsters quests are level locked, I mean for the most part you can pretty much access all of them and there are very few quests that you are actually locked out for being too high level but it would be kinda nice if we could not only choose which monster we want to hunt, we could also have a retry to improve your score. This might even work in the future if new quests are added and to create a certain amount of competitive play. Also maybe scaled bosses? You know like boss rooms for both solo or parties, that scale to a certain level. The bosses don't necessarily have to drop what they would drop normally but it would be fun, specially since some bosses are locked after a certain level like Tutankhamen and Master Mong.
  9. ArkStrike

    Typos Compilation

    Found where that dialogue came from, makes sense since it was part of the same string of quests. Hope it helps
  10. ArkStrike

    Typos Compilation

    I know right? I don't even think that was the next line of dialogue in the quest log because it doesn't have anything to do with it.
  11. These are some very minor typos or errors that I found and while I know there are bigger fish to fry, I just wanted to let you know about them Since the size limit is pretty small for attachments, I decided to put the typos here along with the problem in the description Maybe there was a better way than linking outside the forums but I didn't try to think of one, its generally better though. Also, maybe leaving this thread open so people can post any and all typos they find here?
  12. ArkStrike

    Guys I'm Hype

  13. ArkStrike

    Guide for Dark Lord

    The guide is nice and the sentiment is there but the information is all over the place and so is the format. Like I understand if I read slowly but it needs some work, it looks like several guides plastered together on top of each other. I never reached 3rd Job class but I've heard Dark Lords are purely 1v1 classes and can make short work of any boss. A 1441 build is perfect for them but leads to a lot of deaths. We do appreciate the feedback and helping build the guide sections! Keep up the good work
  14. ArkStrike

    Nostalgia at its best xD

    My pleasure to help If you need anything, head over to the servers discord and feel free to post any questions or thoughts!
  15. ArkStrike

    Nostalgia at its best xD

    Hi! Welcome to LifeTO, I'm not a mod or anything but as recommendation you should take a look at this guide for New Tricksters! There are also not many guides or at least no Builds or Class guides yet in the Guides section of the forums but that might soon change. I'm working on a Dragon guide but its still a long ways to go before its finished. Meanwhile you can try and google some Trickster guides or check other private servers forums, they might have one or two guides and you might even stumble on an archived guide. In my own experience, Raccoon, Sheep and Fox are more suited for experienced players so you should stick with the Bunny, Cat, Dragon and Lion as they are more beginner friendly. You can also check this archived wiki that is about 99% accurate with our server. Beware most links are broken and some pages don't work.