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    Compact Quest Item Shopping List

    Hi everyone! Long time trickster here. I was making a list of items needed for drilling or killing monsters, and I thought it might be useful for other people. So here I am making a forum post about it! I hope it comes in handy! If not... well you can always go back to the wiki for all the quests (http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Main_Page.html) I'm not used to posting in public and I'm mustering a lot of courage posting here, so please go easy on me 8) I've made a google sheet in case you guys just want to get to it directly or if you want to edit anything for yourself personally. Just make a copy to your own google drive and then you can edit it. It is very image heavy, so be careful: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MiMftk7c4IsgfWDRcdZ2yyfhTM01jdYoYNN9IYvqKOw/edit?usp=sharing THE IMAGES LIKE TO MOVE ON THEIR OWN. The images for the forum thread should be ok. I'll try my best to fix the google sheets, but they may still shift around (anything before Black Swamp seems ok though). Here's a direct link to an album with the images on this post (these have no notes on it, so it may be more confusing): https://imgur.com/a/i0WlHz2 Because the google sheets are so image heavy, I just thought it might be easier to make a post with screenshots here. I'll be splitting this up into four or five posts. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for organization or if there's an error! I'll fix both the google sheets and the forum posts. DISCLAIMERS (PLEASE READ THESE FIRST): This is a compact version for drilled or dropped items you need for ALL Episode, Key, and Normal Quests without all the details. This will not show items needed in order, or items that are required which are rewards from other quests. If you want to remove any items from the list because you don't plan to do certain quests, or if you want to edit this for your own use, please duplicate this sheet to your own google drive (File > Make a copy). This does not including the job advancement quests, enlightenment quests, shadow monster quests, mining quests, boss quests, or Monkey T TM quests (except for the Coral Beach one)). If you see the same item under different sections/sources, you can get that item from any of those sources, you will just need a combined total of that number. (IE: Under the Oops Wharf section, you can get that piece of lumber from drilling or killing Black Foes, you just need 25 total for the quest.) If there happens to be a couple of items that look the same in one section but are actually different items, there will be a note for it (look for one or more asterisks (*)). No Phantom School Quests :( I'd love to be able to make key quests for that area to make it relevant again, but because of the current quests it has (which aren't really worth it), it's an absolute dead zone (see what I did there?). TABLE OF CONTENTS I. CORAL BEACH II. DESERT BEACH III. MEGALOPOLIS IV. CABALLA RELICS V. OOPS WHARF VI. MERMAID PALACE VII. MIRAGE ISLAND VIII. GHOST BLUE IX. ROSE GARDEN X. BLACK SWAMP XI. UNDERGROUND DEV ROOM XII. SNOW HILL XIII. ALTEO EMPIRE XIV. TECHICHI VOLCANO XV. TAPASCO VOLCANO XVI. ABYSS I. CORAL BEACH http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Category_Coral_Beach_Quest.html Notes: 1) * You will need to compound these items for a story quest much later on. You will need to compound 3x Dark Choco Pieces with Compounder Paul at the Blooming Cora Shop. The recipe needs 2 Cacao and 1 Mysterious Milk for each try. You will have to come back to do this anyways, but it would be good to keep the milk from the Cliones in the bank. II. DESERT BEACH Get ready for a mess http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Category_Desert_Beach_Quest.html Notes: 1) Skipped Normal Quests that require drilling in Pyramid Dungeon, let me know if you want them added. 2) * You will need this for a Story Quest later on. The monster is level 34, so you may want to come back to it later. I'll list it again in the Mirage Island Quests. III. MEGALOPOLIS 4 Instant Adhesives needed http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Category_Megalopolis_Quest.html Notes: 1) *Honey Tea requires 1 Honey, 2 Royal Jelly, and 1 Distilled Water (bought from shop). Compound with Compounder Paul at the Megalopolis shop. If compounding fails, you will need to gather ingredients again. You will need to compound one more Honey Tea for the Techichi Volcano Quests. 2) **There is a quest that needs Amber in Black Swamp. You can drill for these later in the Black Swamp Fields, but you can drill them early here or make sure to keep your extra in your bank. VI. CABALLA RELICS 10 Caballa Stickers needed http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Category_Caballa_Relics_Quest.html Notes: 1) *Ginseng Tea will need 2 Ginseng, 1 Honey, and 1 Distilled Water (bought from shop). Compound with Compounder Paul at the Megalopolis shop. If compounding fails, you will need to gather the ingredients again. You will need to compound one more Ginseng Tea for the Techichi Volcano Quests. 2) **Same as above for Caballa Coffee (you will need 5 total), for each compound you will need 2 Coffee Beans, 1 Distilled Water, 1 Empty Potion Bottle (which can be bought), and 1000 Galder with Compounder Paul at Caballa Relics. You will also need to compound one more Caballa Coffee for the Techichi Volcano Quests. 3) *** You will need to drill these from various places or get them from other quests. Best to keep them from early on. 4) **** You will need these for Black Swamp Quests. You can get these later, but if you happen to get them, make sure to keep it in your bank. This will be listed again in the Black Swamp section. 5) ***** You will need one of these when you get back to Love Hunter Robin for the story quest later (lvl 80). Crows are in the next key quest area and you will need to come back later anyways, so I wouldn't worry about it, but I added it here anyways. (If this part is confusing, let me know and I'll take it out. I put it in to keep it consistent, but I wasn't sure about it.) 6) Did not include Chaos Tower Quests (they're not available on this server anyways).
  2. Diary No 671 Alioran Dear Diary, It's been a long time since I posted a dairy. I was just so busy o<-< I made a new Edge Dark Lord. Yes, I made another dragon. I named him Ravioli cause why not? And a while ago, they were able to create same-sex relationships, so it was the perfect opportunity for Beefalo and Ravioli to create the best couple: Dinner Also, after a ton of suffering, I was finally able to get my guardian! I've never had a legendary before, so it was super exciting! Last but not least, I got my new dragon to 3rd job \o/ It was kinda funny though, considering he was wearing a baker's hat, a spoon, and cake shield. Well, that's all for today. As always, thanks for reading! Till next time! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. I just bought a time capsule ticket and when I tried to freeze my character, it says I dont have a ticket in my inventory. How is it supposed to work? :(
  4. Alioran

    Current Event Guide

    6. MISCELLANEOUS INFO SURPRISE SPOTS If you've drilled manually for a while, you might have come across Poseidon's Treasure by chance. They can supply you with the ingredients you need EXCEPT sauces. You will need to use worn or old treasure maps. To obtain these maps, you will first need to talk to Indiana John at Southeast Forest to be able to start the map quests for Poseidon's Treasure. You will then have access to using the maps that you drill up. You can turn in worn maps A+B to Explorer Reina to get a usable map . You can do these an infinite number of times After you've turned in the worn maps 50 times, you have access turning in the old maps A+B to Explorer Reina to get another usable map . Note that the treasure chest will give you random ingredients, so it may take some time to gather enough ingredients. All areas also have the same drops from Poseidon's Treasure, except for the books and card packs, but that's a different story. Once you've got the complete map, double click to use it and you will get a buff that will show you how long you have to locate the treasure and which map its is in. When you get onto the right map, you will see a red circle at the bottom of your character. This circle with flicker faster the closer you are to the treasure and slower as you move away from it. You will also a hear a high ping if you're getting closer, and a low one if you're getting farther. When the circle continuously flashes, drill in the area to find Poseidon's treasure. Your chat box will tell you how close you are to the item. Drill once you get to the phrase "You are pretty sure that there is something hidden in this area." To get to the Black Market, talk to Driller King Marky to use your weird maps A+B to get the usable map . You will need to drill to gain access to the Black Market. You can only do this quest for each area once a day. Mechanics are the same as Poseidon's Treasure. Just follow the pings. Once you've found it, you'll be asked if you want to enter. Of course, once you enter, you'll be teleported to the Black Market. Reina and Marky are in different spots depending on the area your map is based on. Please see this link for their locations: http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Surprise_Spot_Quests_Guide.html Here is a list of all possible items that can come from Poseidon's Treasure from the wiki (the books and Card Packs will vary depending on where you are, this one is specifically for Desert Beach): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Alioran

    Current Event Guide

    Hello everyone! Here's another guide for the currents events that's happening right now, as well as past events. This will be updated periodically as events update, however it may take a little while for me to get the new info up. I hope this will be helpful to you! If you find an error on some of the information, please let me know! Note: This guide will only list the items you will need to complete the event. TABLE OF CONTENTS: CURRENT EVENT PAST EVENTS - SPRING PAST EVENTS - SUMMER PAST EVENTS - FALL PAST EVENTS - WINTER MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION CURRENT EVENT: None at the moment
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    Current Event Guide

    PAST EVENTS - WINTER December - February None so far
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    Current Event Guide

    PAST EVENTS - FALL September - November None so far
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    Current Event Guide

    PAST EVENTS - SUMMER June - August ---------------------------------------- COCHMA'S LONG LOST FATHER ANNOUNCEMENT: https://forum.lifeto.co/index.php?/topic/229-cochmas-long-lost-father/ PREVIOUS DATES: 6/9/18 - 7/9/18 REQUIREMENTS: Lvl 70+/190+ NOTE: I can't quite remember the items needed for this event as I've made this post a while later. If anyone could help me remember what we need, PM me or post it on here! Thanks! There are two sets, one level 70 at Azteca and one lvl 190 at Laplonoel. Both sets look the same, just different stats. Here's the stuff I remember so far 70 quest items: 25 Quill Pen, 25 Dead Quill Pen, 15 Colored Paper, ??? 190 quest items: 10 Pencil Cases, ?? Eternal Veneration Grass, ?? Fire Flower, ?? Red Woolen Yarn?, ??? ---------------------------------------- ROBIN AND ELIZA BATH'S SUMMER VACATION ANNOUNCEMENT: https://forum.lifeto.co/index.php?/topic/425-robin-and-eliza-baths-summer-vacation/ DURATION: 7/15/18 - 8/4/18 REQUIREMENTS: Lvl 200+ NOTE: If you wish to get all the items, you will need to do the quest 3 times with 3 different characters who are all lvl 200+. QUICK ITEM OVERVIEW: 100x Sea Anemone Juice, 25x Ice Cube, 25x Wild Strawberry Juice, 25x Kimchi, 1x Herbed Clam Meat, 1x Strawberry Juice Pack KIMCHI: 29% base success rate, 350g per compound (bring a high LK character) For info on Poseidon's Treasure and Surprise Spots, please see the Misc Info post below.
  9. Alioran

    Current Event Guide

    PAST EVENTS - SPRING March - May None so far
  10. Diary No.404 Alioran Dear Diary, It's still been pretty busy, but I've found the time to play occasionally :) I'm starting Card ID and boy, legendary guardians sure are soul crushing I was so excited when the dragon boxes came out in the patch! I spent a little too much money on it though XD I changed my appearance to a magician to see what the full set looked like, but I ended up just looking like a narcissist. Also followed @Maple and @Nessie around on their box opening ritual at Niel's camp (which involved lots of kissing ) After a while doing Card ID, I was thinking of starting of starting a Dark Lord. I've never had one before and I wanted to try it out! I still love my priest though Well that's all for today. As always, thanks for listening! Till next time! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. So, I'm actually running Windows 7 on VMware Fusion 10 because I had trouble using bootcamp (it wouldnt register USB 3.0 and I couldnt fix it), and Trickster runs fine usually except when there's a ton of people. Events like X/O where theres a ton of people make it impossible to move or type at all. I think the CPU spikes a lot as well, but I forget to check sometimes. I'm not really sure what the cause of this is. Could anyone give me some advice? I'm running the virtual machine with 4 GB memory with 2 processors. Would upgrading to Windows 10 help? Thanks!
  12. Diary No 221 Alioran Dear Diary, I unfortunately can't post everyday like last month due to my workload, so I'll have to make a weekly summary instead Most of my time has been spent AFK drilling XD So far I've gotten enough cards to get a legendary guardian! I just have to have my driller boy run out before I can do anything. Other than that, I've been taking breaks between drilling to do some quests. I'm actually planning to transcribe all story dialogue and post it on here, since it's so difficult to read everything while monsters are attacking you, so I hope to get that out sometime soon! Also, @Nessie and @Maple smuggled me into Alteo, even though I didn't have a guardian 8) And the other day I opened some gacha boxes with @Serushi, drinking strawberry juice wine on top of Count Blood's coffin :) Well, that's all for today. As always, thanks for reading! Till next time! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Alioran

    Gacha Item Boxes and Prices

    I was discussing with my guild about gacha boxes and how we could revamp them a little, besides the other suggestion on the board. Currently sellback price for the items are 1 galder each, even if we bought them for 2 mil. Some of these items are things that nobody wants and we end up with a bunch of the same gacha items that not valuable to anyone, yet we still feel like we need to keep them because they cost us so much money. Here are two ideas we came up with: 1) Higher sellback prices Have the gacha items have a sellback value at a fraction of the price of the gacha boxes when sold to an NPC, like say 500k galder. That way if we get something we don't like, they won't just sit in our bank gathering dust and we can sell them to an NPC for something that seems a bit more worthwhile. You could have all gacha drops be the same sellback price, or have different rarity gacha drops have different sellback prices (common = 500k, rare = 1mil, very rare = 1.5-2mil). 2) Specific boxes for rarity This way, if we're not looking for a certain tier of drops, like common drops, we can purchase these boxes at a higher price. We would keep all the boxes we currently have and add the rare and very rare boxes on top of that. Here are two possible ways we could group the items into specific boxes: The rare boxes would only have rare and very rare gacha drops from a specific town town. You could combine two boxes' rare and very rare items into one rare box so there's enough variety (ie: Oops Wharf Rare Box I which contains rare+very rare items from the normal Oops Wharf Box I + II, while Oops Wharf Rare Box II contains the rare+very rare items from normal Oops Wharf Box III + IV). Towns with only 3 boxes will be combined into one box. The very rare boxes would only have very rare drops from one town's boxes (ie: Oops Wharf Very Rare Box would only have very rare items from Oops Wharf Boxes I-IV). This might not work for some towns as some have a ton of commons with no very rares, or not enough commons and too many rares+very rares. It might work better if they were split up by amount based on the gacha list. For example, Rare Box I would contain the first 10 rare + very rare items on the list, while Rare Box II would contain the second 10 rare+very rare items, etc etc. Very Rare Boxes could group 10 very rare items on the list. Rare Boxes would cost somewhere from 7-12 mil, while Very Rare Boxes would cost somewhere from 20-25 mil. The numbers are arbitrary, so you could change them however you'd like. Let me know what you guys think!
  14. Alioran

    Gacha Item Boxes and Prices

    Actually, I disagree. I think there are a lot of common drops that look nice, so people would still buy the common boxes. If you happen to get a rare or very rare that you don't want, you are more likely to find a buyer for them rather than the common items. If there is a bunch of stuff you want from one box, common and higher, it would be more cost effective to buy common boxes. If you get the common items you wanted, you can move onto rare and very rare boxes to reduce RNG. I can't comment on your second point though XD
  15. Alioran

    Daily Reset

    Daily Quests reset at 12 AM EDT I believe
  16. When you finish the quest, she gives you a wing port to Chaos Tower. Is that what you're looking for? o:
  17. Thanks Sky! If it doesn't work out, is it possible to get a refund? It's not a huge deal, I can always save it for later for something, but I'd rather be sure I would really want to use it.
  18. Diary No 202 Alioran Dear Diary, I'm afraid I won't be able to write these as often as I could. I will have to combine a couple days of events into one journal. My workload has increased a lot and I won't be able to play or draw these as much I'm really sorry. I did finish the Rose Garden Key quests and now I'm moving onto Black Swamp. I'll need to start farming cards for Card ID, but until then I'll be slowly working towards finishing the Key Quests and working on my fox for a bit. By the way, those Electric Snails are so cute, I wish I didn't have to kill them :( Also, a huge thanks to my friend @Serushi for collecting so many quests items to help my fox out! I'm really grateful and wish I could do more ;w; I'll be ready to help out whenever you need it! Well that's it for now. Til next time, as always thanks for listening! I hope I'll be able to continue playing soon (and not AFK drilling all the time ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Diary No 178 Alioran Dear Diary, I keep forgetting to take screenshots everyday But not much has really happened. My fox just finished Caballa Relics, and my dragon is stuck drilling in Rose Garden :( Im so close to 250! In other news, today was my first X/O quiz, I missed the first one due to technical difficulties. Unfortunately, for some reason my character has been really laggy when all those people were in the same place, even in the X/O area. I'm not sure why, but it made it really hard for me to move my character in time. At one point I was standing on the wrong answer but the lag was so bad I couldn't even move I had to rely on my guild mates to help me move >_< I hope I can figure out the problem so I'll be fine in future X/O quizzes. Well that's it for today. Till next time, as always thanks for listening! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. Diary No 170 Alioran Dear Diary, I forgot to take a screenshot for the day before yesterday, so I'll just combine it with this post, which is for yesterday. I started a new fox character cause I heard they were good at drilling. It made drilling much more fun, even though I already enjoy it. I was so surprised I got to second job on the day I made her! I guess because casting magic takes so much time and throwing stuff doesn't. I also finished episode 4! Did the game kill all those developers so now their spirits are attacking us? That's kinda scary. Also why do we need to collect trash for the story? Doesnt make much sense for me. Now just gotta get enlightenment :) Well that's it for today. Till next time, as always thanks for listening! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Alioran

    Forum Suggestion - Day/Night Theme

    You will need to use Javascript with a function to get the the time, then write some javascript code based on what the time is (ie: if h>17:00 and h<20:00) to change certain lines in the css/html to something different (the example I used is for sunset, so you would have the javascript change the banner image to a different image or the background color to different color). This is just based on what I googled and what I know about website design.
  22. Diary No 149 Alioran Dear Diary, It's almost time for me to get a guardian soon, so I wanted to try another suggestion to try card hunting at phantom school killing egg specters. Wow that's a lotta eggs! I also needed to finish the story episodes, so I finished Episode 3. Even though I was level 190-200, that stun from the golem is always a killer. It lasts way too long for my SoH to handle. I died twice, but its a good thing that I had some revival items. Onward to the next episode and closer to a guardian! Well that's it for today. Till next time, as always, thanks for listening! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Diary No 143 Alioran Dear Diary, I keep meaning to write these everyday, but I get so busy with real life sometimes Again, this was meant for yesterday, but what can I do. Anyways, I went and finished all the Ghost Blue quests. I am SO glad that Cash Boxes have a higher drop rate AND I had 5 extras, or else I wouldve just kept going back and forth between town and field 1 cause I couldn't afford more Cash Boxes or the fee for transportation. I mean, what am I, a delivery man? Also, I don't understand how Marinel needs an underwater suit, but everyone else breathes underwater without one. It feels a little awkward to be so high leveled after finishing those quests. At least I don't have to worry too much about dying all the time XD Well that's it for today. Sorry it wasn't that much today. Till next time, as always thanks for listening! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. Alioran

    Longer buff durations.

    If you're worried about PvP, maybe we can have the skills duration change based on the area you're in, PvP or not. Kinda like what other MMOs do when they split the skills up so they're not OP in either PvP or PvE. Maybe for example... //set SoH default duration "Shield of Heaven" = 300 //check if area is a pvp area or not, checks every time you enter a new area function for when user enters new area { //if area is pvp, use a new duration if area = pvp {set duration "Shield of Heaven" = 66; break;} //if its not a pvp area, reset duration to the default else {duration "Shield of Heaven" = 300; break;} } Something like that A little rusty with my coding and psuedocode here. I dont really know how the coding works in this game so I'm not sure how difficult it would be. I personally would love longer durations, but I'm biased towards PvE :)
  25. Diary No 127 Alioran Today was kind of a catch up day for work for me, so I spent most of my time AFK drilling XD At first, I didn't have enough weight to carry so much of the drilled items so I was like and I had to relog on and off every 15-30 minutes to put stuff in the online bank, but eventually I was able to buy pouches for WT :) Also went wandering around Megalopolis. Totally forgot how beautiful the Sakura Park was. I wanted to sleep there for a while, but I had some other things to do. Started the Enlightenment and Ghost Blue quests, Im so overleveled but it's fine! Let's me relax instead of being so tense all the time. I had to kill quite a few anemones for those cash boxes. Anyways, that's it for now. Didn't do that much today online, but I think it was just enough. Till next time, as always thanks for listening! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------