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  1. Guatomkrub


    How many you need?
  2. Guatomkrub

    Chronos EP6 bug

    help me please
  3. I think it bug. Don't get damage from attack
  4. No. Now I can move skill. Thank you so much. @Sky I get a bug in Tapasco. The Red salamander don't get damage from fighting
  5. plase check for me. I can't move this skill Berserker for key shot.
  6. Sorry too. I can take this quest. Thank you so much
  7. Genius Cochma - Ghost Blue Survey - 2 >>> Bug I can't to success in this quest. I don't know why? Please check this quest. Thank you
  8. Guatomkrub

    Daily Diary Event (June)

    Diary No. 105 IGN: AzukitA Drill Drill and Drill for get item to do quest T_T
  9. Thank you, Pls help me I need item quest comeback
  10. Today in game item in my bank store is disappear. I don't know how. Please help me for my item it have a quest,equip and etc. Thank you