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  1. keithshinoda

    spicy dragon

    lol it resist physical so only mages can kill him? o.o
  2. keithshinoda

    spicy dragon

    Wuts the hp on this stupid dragon? I can't tell if his heal cures all of his hp to full or he just has an absurdly amount of hp. His hp bar resets to full when i damage him to 0% and it wasn't a heal cast, seem to do it automatically. Eventually died cuz derp fk stun lock, but was spamming skills for 30 mins on my light dragon lol
  3. keithshinoda

    stun lock

    I never made it far enuf in the official to actually encounter monsters using faint? w/e its called but it stuns u, and u don't immunity to it and end up being perma stun till u die *face palm*. The stun either needs a decrease in duration or we need to have a timer in between. Idk how classes with no aoe survives *cough Champs*
  4. keithshinoda

    Building a Strong Sense Type [Fox] for Beginners

    Are we going to get rain of knives?
  5. keithshinoda

    Server Reopening Date

    lol afk drilling isn't game breaking. Was actually excited to come back and play, but after seeing what sky said, this server gana be nothing but the same as (censored) a whole community of afk drillers and not a single active player like before. Not to mention its the same retard.ation dev Romeo. Just another moony milker surprise people even actually pay. GL. Not sure why this server close down since I did quit before that happened, but this server won't last long even after reopen, GL players.