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  1. Diary No. 19 DazzaRaz Having no idea when dailies reset :)
  2. Diary no. 272 Digg / DazzaRaz Forgot to hp comp my shield the other day..
  3. Diary no. 263 Digg Just be comping for my nub dragon :)
  4. Diary no. 246 Digg Just be drilling in tap :) Edit: Also got bullied by Serushi in tap mine.
  5. Diary No. 237 Digg Eating snails while watching some ripped dude squish tadpoles. Pretty sure he was trying to impress me or somethin..
  6. Diary No. 229 Digg Running around as a little cora after O/X event :)
  7. Diary No. 221 Digg Fully comped my new ghost blue set :)
  8. Diary No. 218 Digg Killing torpedoes while several levels higher and almost failing sometimes thanks to their AC nerf skill and bezerk skill :( Also, wheres all the diary entries at...
  9. Diary no. 212 Digg Throwing pointy things at the fishes.
  10. Diary No. 198 Digg Just waiting for someone to answer my call to a party quest in ghost blue...
  11. Diary no. 188 Digg Just handing in dailies since life is a thing apparently.
  12. Diary No. 169 Digg Busy being a delivery boy for Banker Lisa... running back and forth and teleporting over and over... -_-
  13. Diary No. 161 Digg Restoring my lip stick supplies. Foxes go through lip stick way too fast...
  14. Diary No. 151 Digg Just doing some dailies :)
  15. Diary No. 132 Digg Ending turtles lives for some nerd.