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  1. Shojolt

    Trickster Type Wallpapers~

    EDIT: Done with Bunny, Sheep, and Cat Hey guys I got done with this earlier today and was thinking about making one for the other types too. Let me know what you think and any ideas you might have for them! Hope you guys like it! Also made a wallpaper resolution for anyone interested: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iyymydhr5044x8h/TricksterBunny.png?dl=0
  2. Diary No. 35 Dusk Admiring the Officer Tera paparazzi.
  3. Shojolt

    Patch Notes [2018-07-01]

    Also Daily reward has typo
  4. Shojolt

    Patch Notes [2018-07-01]

    This is amazing guys. Very well done. You're doing a great job of keeping the server playable for everyone
  5. Dairy No. 222 Dusk Me and the Mrs. cleared out the area to enjoy a nice camp out at the swamp.
  6. Shojolt

    Daily Coupon Guide

    He means it's only one Staff of Purification, not 2 like in the guide.
  7. Diary No. 194 Dusk TRYING to make some money afk while I'm drawing. I feel like this is my first thing I've found in years
  8. Diary No. 184 Dusk I changed my clothes so I could get some DA Now I'm a pimp with a drill
  9. Shojolt

    Trickster Type Wallpapers~

    This time it's the Cat guys! I enjoyed drawing this cutie so much Hope you guys like it! Annnnnd if you'd like a wallpaper resolution it's right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qu56cgcrjjv8xnc/CatCutieType.png?dl=0
  10. Shojolt

    Patch Notes [2018-06-17]

    R.I.P. Flicker Drill 6/17/2018 Nice update guys! Thank you so much for all the bug fixes
  11. Diary No. 168 Dusk Making more of that money. But I did manage to get my baby her Innocent Glasses @Catty So that's a big accomplishment!
  12. Thank God. I've been waiting for this day.... THE CARROT EMOJI IS HERE
  13. Shojolt

    new to everything @[email protected]

    Hey welcome to the server and the guild! See you in game
  14. Dairy No. 150 Dusk I spent all my money on gacha boxes and cried about the results.
  15. Diary No. 144 Dusk Had to make some cheddar to buy my baby something nice
  16. So @Catty and I live together, so we play off the same IP. We've been having trouble with rolling the daily rewards on the control panel and we think it's because it's IP based? So if that's the case we'll never be able to roll at the same time, and we're missing out on rewards. Is this the case? And if so, is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  17. Shojolt

    Daily Rewards IP Based?

    Ok thanks! We'll tell @Sky about it
  18. Shojolt

    Daily Rewards IP Based?

    Also about the forum event then, since you get disqualified for posting from the same IP, is there a way where we could get excluded from that maybe?
  19. Diary No. 121 Dusk I chilled next to Cochma's "dad" (deadbeat) A pretty chill day!
  20. Shojolt

    The Power Type

  21. Shojolt

    The Magic Type

  22. Shojolt

    Trickster Type Wallpapers~

    Ok guys the next one is done! Decided to go with the magic type. And even though I do LOVE the dragons. I felt obligated to draw the sheep Again, if you want a wallpaper resolution it's here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmpseirrabchw51/Sheepwallpaper.png?dl=0 Hope you guys like it! And lemme know who you'd like to see next, or any ideas you might have!
  23. Shojolt

    Patch Notes [2018-06-09]

    Known Issues: "Homeless Ian now gives protection against Ballerino Michell." Thanks for the great update guys!
  24. Diary No. 108 Dusk Had to style on Tut a little bit before wiping the floor with him THIS RUN DROPPED MY FIRST BOSS EQUIP (It was the hat...) BUT GOD IT FELT SO GOOD TO GET MY FIRST BOSS EQUIP DROP!
  25. Ok so I haven't gotten to roll my daily reward in like 3 days now... Also, it says this: However, I haven't rolled it in 3 days AND I've never gotten a flicker drill from the reward roll. I went to check my Myshop just to see if maybe it gave me the flicker drill anyway, but I had no flicker drill either (Damn it...)