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  1. Diary # 138 LemonSoda Yahoo~ made it to 3rd job! I can finally let myself get to work on Black Swamp key questing~!
  2. Diary No. 71 IGN - LemonSoda I decided to get Episode 2 done today, and holy crap, I didn't expect to get the Bloody Rune. Figured it'd take me into tomorrow or a little further than that. Now I can move onto Rose Garden and 3rd job questin'~ wooo!
  3. LemonSoda


    Thank you all for the replies~ :3c Same! I want to dabble into the other elements, since earth/wind are the only elements I really know, lol. Oh yeah! I hope to see you around too! I mean, cats are pretty cute too. But sheep are so fluffyyyyyy... high-fiveeeee I just got cleaving terra today and oof...it's so satisfying to do that + wind blade over and over again.
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    I am a sheep-addict dating back to eTO on the Fantasia server (I want to say I started in 2007, but the heck if I know if that's right or wrong). My main was a wind/earth/light Witch (same name as my display right here) because I am an AoE junkie and I like to see a lot of things die around me with cool magic. And sheep are cute!! Despite being on a Mac (thanks but no thanks art college, lol) by the time eTO's last day rolled around, I still found a way to get on. Because I've had a lot of fun with Trickster Online over the years. (Heck, I played the recent mobile game a little bit. But not playing it now since no time and space between the rhythm mobages I'm playing lol.) Now I am back on a Windows machine and I saw someone mention this server, so I looked it up. I can see there has been a lot of work with testing and thoughtfulness with the non-P2W elements. That is extremely appealing to me. So I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of that labor tonight!