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  1. and it happened again... this happens: i can't do anything and i need to open the windows task bar and finish - reopen the game
  2. Two times in-a-row happened to me: last part of Spicy trial i talked to fortune teller and the game freezes... thats so uncouraging please fix this bug
  3. i think u fixed thanks man :)
  4. I think it happens when i put something to sell for a high value (I can't even open the shop)... it ALWAYS happens - "client stops working" so it crashes need to reopen... so I can't put stuff for sale by a high value I guess...
  5. Alucard

    Mail problem

    still waiting...
  6. Alucard

    Mail problem

    No its not, cos I spell it wrong it supposed to be "tvpe" and I didn't receive the money for them... can u just return them to me? PowerFox is my IGN ( I sent two mails to "type" from my two chars each containing 12 CFs 215 each)
  7. ok thanks :) one more question: what resolution should I play, I changed then I dont remember which one, 12?? x 8??
  8. Look now its all dark... i can't see anything lol (in Teichichi mine Map - the other maps are normal i think... need to test)
  9. Ok the game came back '-'
  10. I was playing normally, when the game crashes and I open the launcher and this happens... (and I wait and stays in this screen forever)
  11. I sent 12 Chaos Feathers 215 in one account and other 12 in other account for "type" - Mail trading (but I didnt realize that the IGN was wrong), so I deleted the emails, but they didnt return my Feathers... is this normal? do I have to wait more - I already waited like 5 days... Thanks
  12. I think all itens should be tradeble! :)