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  1. Faceless

    Breakdown of Various Events

    Thanks for the comprehensive run-down! I am a little less intimidated now. Any idea what the Fiesta event or the O/X event is like? Is there an objective or is it more like a meet-and-greet with random rewards?
  2. Faceless

    New to an old game

    The new guide was very helpful, I was able to find that one. There still seems like a lot I don't know so I am probably going to ask a lot of questions til I get the hang of it. I'm already in the Discord but my display name there is {Kojaks}. Thanks for the welcome!
  3. Hey everyone. I've stated this elsewhere, but I am more-or-less new to Trickster aside from a stint some years ago. I see there's currently a bonus EXP event (which I am eternally grateful for as a new player). I've also tuned into the daily roulette rewards through the control panel. I've been getting a bunch of random items - I have no real idea what they are used for or what their value is. Can we get a discussion or breakdown on the various ongoing events? I had something called a Fiesta ticket, I think I wasted it. Was it valuable? Can we get more? I've got various tickets on one of my characters... O/X ticket, GM ticket, Daily Ticket... what do these do? Should I save them or use them? How do I get more? Anything else I should tune into to make the most of my experience? Thanks!
  4. Faceless

    New to an old game

    Actually I played trickster for a little back in the day, for maybe 30 levels. Seems like that was a really long time ago. But I decided to hop back on the bandwagon with the renewed release of LTO. I'm more or less a complete noob again, so I look forward to meeting the community - maybe get some guidance on the way too. I made a [Fox] but probably screwed her up by lv 60, so I am going to be re-rolling her later tonight to start over. IGN - Faceless C'ya in game
  5. Faceless

    Building a Strong Sense Type [Fox] for Beginners

    Thanks for the feedback! It's a shame I spent the afternoon getting up to 60. I may end up remaking the character if it's going to be sub-par in the long run with this build as-is. Better a day wasted now then the time invested later on down the line. Edit: Does anyone have a decent skill guide for Explorer / Master Thief? Everything I find online leads to a dead link.
  6. I last played trickster ~10 years ago or so. The game has changed a good bit, so I am a complete beginner again. After tinkering with the classes, I decided to go with the Fox class for strong drilling and shuriken damage. Hopefully this will be a manageable decision for a beginner. I did some digging and found that good, comprehensive class guides seem difficult to find. I am basically using this brief overview as a basis and went with a 4/1/4/1 build focusing my bonus points purely into DA. I am only lv ~30 so it isn't too late to start over, but I could use some guidance on what the heck I am actually doing. Anybody got feedback? The beginner skills I picked up include: Invincible Drill, Sixth Sense, and Shuriken Master, Basic Detection. Is my build gonna fare okay later on? Any additional skills I should get before looking to advance at 60? Other mid-game and late-game tips? I'll take pretty much anything. Thanks!